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This template, {{section link}}, or its shortcut, {{slink}}, is used to generate a link to a certain section of a local wiki page and render an appropriate section mark (§).

This template is intended primarily for use in hatnotes. It can also be used in running body text to link to a different section (in optionally a different article), when it doesn't reference the main subject of the text.


  • {{slink|Article|Section}}, link to section of other article.
  • {{slink||Section}}, for usage within the same article, supply an empty first parameter.


Instead of:


...you can write:

{{slink|Zombie|Drops}}Zombie § Drops

Suppressing page name

Sometimes the page name needs not to appear, e.g. to avoid redundancy and wordiness. For the page on which the template is used, not specifying a page name creates a section link only. The following:

{{slink||Suppressing page name}}

...is the equivalent of:

[[#Suppressing page name|§ Suppressing page name]]

...and renders as:

§ Suppressing page name
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