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This template uses Module:Ping, a script written in Lua.

This template creates a link to the specified user's userpage. If the user has Gamepedia PRO, then the icon will show up before the username, for example, {{reply|HelenAngel}} will show @HelenAngel:. Note that after the notification system was changed in August 2019, linking to a user's userpage no longer sends them a notification.


Single recipient

Use the following syntax:

{{reply|Username}} Message text. ~~~~

For example, {{reply|Majr}} will produce:


Multiple recipients

You can reply to multple people at once, using the following syntax:

{{reply|User1|User2|User3|User4|User5}} Message text. ~~~~

For example, {{reply|Example|Jimbo Wales}} will produce:

@Example and Jimbo Wales:

See also

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