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It has been requested that this image be replaced with an isometric render. 
You can help by uploading a new and improved version of this file.
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This template needs to be rewritten. [discuss]
Please help us by rewriting it.
Reason: Prevent category subpages and change it from CAT:Objects requiring isometric renders/subpage to CAT:{{{1}}} requiring isometric renders/special subpage (like invalid states)'

This template should be used on any files that are not currently an isometric render, but would work better if they were reuploaded to become one. Any pages using this template will be added to Category:Objects requiring isometric renders.

Use the following syntax to add this template to a page:

{{Render|type=Type|subcat=Optional sub-category|Optional reason}}

Incomplete list of available types:

Name Category
default Objects requiring isometric renders
armor .../Armor models
biome .../Biome-affected objects
historical .../Historical features
infobox .../High priority
joke .../Joke features
low priority .../Low priority
multiblock .../Multiblock structures
again .../Re-render
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