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Allows for easy adding of PlayStation Vita buttons to articles. Handy for tutorials and such.


Input Name Code Result
Face Buttons
Cross Button {{Psvbutton|cross}} Cross button
Circle Button {{Psvbutton|circle}} Circle button
Square Button {{Psvbutton|square}} Square button
Triangle Button {{Psvbutton|triangle}} Triangle button
Directional Pad
D-Pad {{Psvbutton|dpad}} D-Pad
D-Pad Up {{Psvbutton|dpad-up}} D-Pad up
D-Pad Down {{Psvbutton|dpad-down}} D-Pad down
D-Pad Left {{Psvbutton|dpad-left}} D-Pad left
D-Pad Right {{Psvbutton|dpad-right}} D-Pad right
Left Thumbstick {{Psvbutton|thumb-left}} Left analog stick
Right Thumbstick {{Psvbutton|thumb-right}} Right analog stick
Shoulder Buttons
L Button {{Psvbutton|l}} L button
R Button {{Psbutton|r}} R button
System & Other Buttons
Select Button {{Psvbutton|select}} Select button
Start Button {{Psvbutton|start}} Start button
Touchpad {{Psbutton|touchpad}} Touchpad

As an alternative, {{Psvbtn}} may also be used.


The buttons used in this template come from Xelu's FREE Controllers & Keyboard Prompts Pack, licensed under Creative Commons 0 (CC0).

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