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This template is used to create a simple inline note stating that a feature is exclusive to one or multiple version(s). Uses Template:Editions. Do not use this template to mark entire sections, especially within the heading itself (which will break the auto-generated section link in the edit summary); use {{exclusive}} instead.


Named parameters

The template accepts the following named parameters:

Named Parameter Effect
short=1 Shortens the edition name. Example: Bedrock EditionBE
as of= Adds additional information in the hover text.
nozwnj=1 Prevents zwnj; from being added. Use this in places where ; is used for another purpose, such as {{Breaking row}}.
upcoming= Adds an upcoming edition
upcomingv= Adds the upcoming edition's version. If not used, defaults to the current one. Must be used with upcoming


Example.{{only|java}} → Example.‌[Java Edition only]

Example.{{only|earth}} → Example.‌[Minecraft Earth only]

Example.{{only|java|education}} → Example.‌[Java and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|bedrock|console|education}} → Example.‌[Bedrock, Legacy Console, and Education editions only]

Example.{{only|java|bedrock|console|short=1}} → Example.‌[JE, BE & LCE only]

Example.{{only|education|earth|bedrock|as of=Java Edition 1.15.1}} → Example.‌[Education Edition, Minecraft Earth, and Bedrock Edition only]

Example.{{only|education|upcoming=bedrock}} → Example.‌[Education Edition and upcoming Bedrock Edition 1.19.20 only]

Example.{{only|education|upcoming=bedrock|upcomingv=1.11.0}} → Example.‌[Education Edition and upcoming Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 only]

Example.{{only|education|upcoming=bedrock|upcomingv=1.11.0|upcoming2=java|upcoming2v=1.14}} → Example.‌[Education Edition and upcoming Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 and Java Edition 1.14 only]

Example.{{only|education|upcoming=bedrock||upcoming2=java|upcoming2v=1.14}} → Example.‌[Education Edition and upcoming Bedrock Edition 1.19.20 and Java Edition 1.14 only]

Other tag templates

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