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This template is internally used by {{OS}}. It displays a single operating system icon. If |link= is set, then it will have a custom link. This template should not be called directly, rather it should be called using {{OS}}


Code Result
{{OS/switch|Windows}} Windows
{{OS/switch|Windows wordmark}} Windows
{{OS/switch|Windows 7}} Windows 7
{{OS/switch|Windows 10}} Windows 10
{{OS/switch|Windows 10 wordmark}} Windows 10 wordmark
{{OS/switch|macOS}} macOS
{{OS/switch|Linux}} Linux
{{OS/switch|Chrome OS}} Chrome OS
{{OS/switch|Xbox}} Xbox
{{OS/switch|Xbox 360}} Xbox 360
{{OS/switch|Xbox One}} Xbox One
{{OS/switch|Xbox Series X/S}} Xbox Series X|S
{{OS/switch|PlayStation}} PlayStation
{{OS/switch|PlayStation 3}} PlayStation 3
{{OS/switch|PlayStation 4}} PlayStation 4
{{OS/switch|PlayStation 5}} PlayStation 5
{{OS/switch|PlayStation Vita}} PlayStation Vita
{{OS/switch|PlayStation TV}} PlayStation TV
{{OS/switch|Wii U}} Wii U
{{OS/switch|New Nintendo 3DS}} New Nintendo 3DS
{{OS/switch|New Nintendo 3DS XL}} New Nintendo 3DS XL
{{OS/switch|New Nintendo 2DS XL}} New Nintendo 2DS XL
{{OS/switch|New Nintendo 3DS Family}} New Nintendo 3DS
{{OS/switch|Nintendo Switch}} Nintendo Switch
{{OS/switch|Nintendo Switch Lite}} Nintendo Switch Lite
{{OS/switch|Nintendo Switch Family}} Nintendo Switch
{{OS/switch|Mobile device}} Mobile device
{{OS/switch|Android}} Android
{{OS/switch|Android wordmark}} Android
{{OS/switch|Galaxy Store}} Galaxy Store
{{OS/switch|iOS}} iOS
{{OS/switch|iPadOS}} iPadOS
{{OS/switch|Fire}} Fire
{{OS/switch|Fire Phone}} Fire Phone
{{OS/switch|Windows Phone 8.1}} Windows Phone 8.1
{{OS/switch|Windows 10 Mobile}} Windows 10 Mobile
{{OS/switch|Windows 10 Mobile wordmark}} Windows 10 Mobile
{{OS/switch|Browser}} Crossplatform (Web-based)
{{OS/switch|Java}} Java
{{OS/switch|Raspberry Pi}} Raspberry Pi
{{OS/switch|Gear VR}} Gear VR
{{OS/switch|Apple TV}} Apple TV
{{OS/switch|Fire OS}} Fire OS
{{OS/switch|Fire TV}} Fire TV
{{OS/switch|Netflix}} Netflix.svg