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This template uses Module:Looming, a script written in Lua.

Using this template, you can create tables like those commonly used in the “Loom ingredient” section of articles about items. It can be used similarly to {{Loom}}, except it creates the table for you.

By default, the table generates with 3 columns: Name, Ingredients, and the main column containing {{Loom}}. You can set the parameter {{{showname=1}}} or {{{showname=0}}} in the first template of the table to show or hide the Name column. To group multiple looming templates into one table, you also need to set {{{head=1}}} in the first template of the table, and {{{foot=1}}} in the last.

Example usage:

  |name=[[Banner|Base Banner]]
  |White Banner
  |Black Dye
  |Black Base Banner
  |description=Emblazons a base (bottom third colored)
  |name=[[Banner|Dyed Globe Banner]]
  |White Banner
  |Blue Dye
  |Banner Pattern Globe
  |Blue Globe Banner
  |description=Emblazons a dyed globe (cube shaped earth)


Name Ingredients Loom recipe Description
Base Banner White Banner +
Black Dye

Emblazons a base (bottom third colored)
Dyed Globe Banner White Banner +
Blue Dye +
Banner Pattern Globe

Emblazons a dyed globe (cube shaped earth)
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