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The LoadPage template creates a placeholder for unloaded content, and a link to load the content. Use the LoadPage template to split articles into multiple pieces to be loaded into a primary article as needed.



The <page> parameter specifies the page title (including namespace) of the content to be loaded when requested (for example, Namespace:Article/subpage).

The optional <title> parameter specifies the text to be displayed as placeholder (if omitted or empty, defaults to <page>).

The optional <element> parameter specifies the HTML element name to be applied to the placeholder text (if omitted, defaults to h2).

The optional |extra= parameter specifies the additional text to be input without affecting the Table of Contents.

The optional |args= parameter specifies the additional arguments to be used when transclude the page, in the format of {{!}}name1{{=}}value1{{!}}name2{{=}}value2

The optional |transcluded= parameter specifies that the page is already transcluded, and should be shown directly (minus self-links). This is intended for performance, as the transclusion is cached, however features like <noinclude> on the page won't work, and features like {{PAGENAME}} will use the original page's name, rather than the current pages name. Only self-links are manually resolved (however existing self-links will also remain).

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