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This template uses Module:Keys, with data stored in Module:Keys/Symbols.
These scripts are written in Lua.

This template is designed to illustrate keys and keystrokes on a keyboard. It can be used to show single keystrokes, combination keystrokes and a keystroke sequence.


To show combination keystrokes, place pluses between each key.

{{keys|Alt+P}} produces Alt + P
{{keys|Ctrl+Alt+Del}} produces Ctrl + Alt + Del

To show a keystroke sequence, use separate parameters. This can be combined with combination keystrokes.

{{keys|A|B|C|D}} produces ABCD
{{keys|Alt+0|1|7|7}} produces Alt + 0177
{{keys|Alt+|0|1|7|7}} produces Alt + 0177

Pluses on their own will be displayed as a key.

{{keys|1|+|2}} produces 1+2
{{keys|1+|+|+2}} produces 1 + + + 2

Supported Named/Symbol shortcuts

Arrow keys


Other common keys

⇧ Shift
⇧ Left Shift
⇧ Right Shift
↵ Enter
Tab ↹
← Backspace

Mac-only keys

⌘ Cmd
⌘ Command
⌥ Opt

Non-Mac keys

⊞ Super (also called “windows” Key)
≣ Menu

Xbox Controller buttons

See also: Template:Xbutton
(Left Bumper)
(Right Bumper)
(Left Trigger)
(Right Trigger)

All other text used in this template will be used verbatim.

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