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Gives a link to Mojang's issue tracker showing unresolved, fixed, "Works as Intended" and "Won't Fix" issues relating to the search term. Should be used in the issues section of the article.

Due to Atlassian's broken API, issues aren't displayed on the page, but are still accessible through the link.


The template defaults to using the page name as the search term.

{{issue list|Search term|Optional search term1|Optional search term2|...|Optional search term8}}

Spaces in search terms are treated as AND contains. So a search for "NPC Village" will find results containing variations of "NPC" and "Village" in any order within the summary.

Optional search terms are treated as OR contains, however spaces within these terms will still count as AND. For example, {{issue list|NPC Village|Mob Town}} will search for summary contains "NPC" AND "Village" OR summary contains "Mob" AND "Town".

When utilizing the optional search terms, the template no longer uses the page name. Ensure the first term listed is the page name, including capitalization, for consistency with pages using just the default template.

To filter out undesired results, type a "-" in front of the search term. All of these "negative" search terms must be grouped first. For example, {{issue list|-mushroom|-tree|giant}} will search for "Giant" but filter out issues with "tree" or "mushroom" in the title.


{{issue list|sponge}}: Issues relating to "Sponge" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

{{issue list|coal|charcoal}}: Issues relating to "Coal" or "Charcoal" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

{{issue list|-mushroom|-tree|giant}}: Issues relating to "Giant" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.

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