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Inactive is inactive. 
Inactive hasn't edited for a while, so they will probably not receive any messages left here. Please keep this in mind before leaving a message.
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Add {{inactive|date|why the user is inactive|user=|date while user planned to be back|place the user goes|comments=additional notes}} to an inactive user's user page and/or talk page. All parameters are optional.

The first parameter is the date of the user's last revision. Defaults to a while.

The second parameter says why the user is inactive.

The user= parameter is the user's name. Defaults to {{ROOTPAGENAME}}.

The third parameter is planned date while the user is back.

The fourth parameter is where the user travels (also gives a link to the Wikipedia article of the place where the user travels).

|comments= parameter adds also additional notes while the user is away.

This template adds pages to Category:Inactive users.

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