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This template uses Module:Sprite, with data stored in Module:FrontPageSprite.
These scripts are written in Lua.

This template displays a sprite, for use on the wiki front page, from the following sprite sheet:

The spritesheet.


Name Usage
|1= Sets the sprite. Spaces within this parameter are replaced with dashes and letters are made lowercase.
Value may be a name or a number, though names are preferred
|link= Sets the link for the sprite and the optional text. If unset or set to none, no link is added
Supports both internal and external links
|text= If set, the value is displayed as text after the sprite.


Code Result

Full list

Here is a full list of sprites:

Minecraft Earth gameplay

    • chest


    • book
    • book-and-quill
    • clock
    • compass
    • iron-pickaxe
    • nether-star
    • painting
    • paper
    • sign

Minecraft gameplay

    • anvil
    • apple
    • barrier
    • block-of-redstone
    • brewing-stand
    • command-block
    • crafting-table
    • creeper
    • emerald
    • enchanting-table
    • hardcore-heart
    • heart
    • iron-boots
    • lit-furnace
    • player
    • redstone
    • smithing-table
    • smoker
    • stonecutter
    • water

Minecraft Dungeons gameplay

    • du-ancient-hunts
    • du-arch-illager
    • du-bow
    • du-creeper-woods
    • du-daily-trial
    • du-default
    • du-enchantment-point
    • du-level
    • du-reinforced-mail
    • du-soul
    • du-soul-healer
    • du-sword

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