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[[es:Plantilla:Ampliar sección]]
[[es:Plantilla:Ampliar sección]]
[[ja:テンプレート:Expand section]]
[[ja:テンプレート:Expand section]]
[[pt:Predefinição:Seção de esboço]]
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[[es:Plantilla:Ampliar sección/doc]]
[[es:Plantilla:Ampliar sección/doc]]
[[ja:テンプレート:Expand section/doc]]
[[ja:テンプレート:Expand section/doc]]
[[pt:Predefinição:Seção de esboço/doc]]

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This is the documentation page. It should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information

This template is used to mark that a section is too short and needs expansion, encouraging editors to add more content to it. It changes its title message depending of the following cases:

  • "This section of the article is a stub" displays as the default message.
  • "This section of the Minecraft Earth article is a stub" when used on a Minecraft Earth article.
  • "This section of the Minecraft Dungeons article is a stub" when used on a Minecraft Dungeons article.


{{stub section|1|nocat=Optional category remover|section=Obligatory section editor}}
  • The 1 parameter adds instructions to what needs to be done.
  • The section parameter specify the section to be edited. The number of the section needs to be placed after it, like section=1 for example.
  • The nocat parameter prevents the template to add the article into the Category:Stubs.

See also

Article improvements
  • {{improve lead}} for pages that need a better lead section.
  • {{missing information}} for pages that miss or don't have enough information.
  • {{stub}} for very short pages.
  • {{expand section}} for sections of non-stub articles that need to be expanded.
  • {{cleanup}} for pages that do not conform to style guidelines.
    • {{rewrite}} for pages that need to be rewritten to comply with the style guide.
  • {{technical}} for pages (or sections) that might use technical jargon, and are difficult for many to understand.
Article actions
  • {{update}} for pages that need to be updated due to outdated information.
  • {{orphan}} for pages that need links to it.
  • {{currently editing}} for pages that are being edited to advice editors to not edit them for a while.
  • {{work in progress}} for pages that need to be edited and improve their contents.
  • {{delete}} for pages that need to be deleted.
    • {{delete when}} for pages that have a clear consensus that they should be deleted, but a technical reason prevents deletion.
    • {{speedy delete}} for pages that must be deleted as soon as possible.
  • {{move}} for suggest to move a page to another name.
  • {{split}} for suggest to split a page (or section) into 2 or more pages.
    • {{splitting}} for indicate that the splitting process has begun. It is recomended to use it on large splitting processes.
  • {{merge}} for suggesting to merge a page with another.
    • {{merging}} for indicate that the merging process has begun. It is recommended to use it on large merging processes.