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This template is used to mark that a page is an editcopy. This means that the main page equivalent is protected, likely due to being a high traffic page or a vandalism target, but other users can contribute by changing the editcopy. Eventually, a member of a user group that can edit the main page equivalent will look over the changes and if they are constructive add them.

This template should also be used on any page that has an editcopy, rather than just the editcopy itself. This will allow readers to compare the editcopy and its main equivalent without the template difference showing up. The template is coded so that the message box will only appear if the title of the page ends with "/editcopy".


Parameter Function Defaults to (if parameter not specified)
{{{1}}} The main page of the editcopy in question to be displayed in the template (does not affect the link itself) The full page name, including the namespace
{{{2}}} The user group(s) that can edit the main page equivalent (e.g. admins, autoconfirmed users) "Users with certain privileges"
{{{3}}}/{{{extratext}}} Extra text including in a smaller font at the bottom of the message box, next to the link of the diff between the editcopy and its main None
{{{firsttitle}}} The title to display as the main page of the editcopy the first time it's mentioned in the template (i.e. "... for users to propose changes to [[NameOfPageWithoutThe/editcopy|{{{firsttitle}}}]]") {{{1}}}
{{{pagetype}}} The type of page the editcopy is for, such as a template, article, or talk page "Article" if in the main namespace, "Project page" if in the Minecraft Wiki namespace, "File" if in the file namespace, "Template" if in the template namespace, "Category" if in the category namespace, "Talk page" if in any kind of talk namespace, "Page" if none of the above apply
{{{reason}}} The reason why the main page is protected "likely due to being a high traffic page or a target of vandalism"
{{{nocat}}} Prevents it from appearing in Category:Editcopies. None
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