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This template is a work in progress. 
Please help in the expansion or creation of this template by expanding or improving it. The talk page may contain suggestions.
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This template uses Module:Sprite, with data stored in Module:DungeonsEffectSprite.
These scripts are written in Lua.

This template displays a Minecraft Dungeons effect sprite from the following sprite sheet:

The spritesheet.


Name Usage
|1= Sets the sprite. Spaces within this parameter are replaced with dashes and letters are made lowercase.
Value may be a name or a number, though names are preferred
|link= Sets the link for the sprite and the optional text. If unset or set to none, no link is added
Supports both internal and external links
|text= If set, the value is displayed as text after the sprite.


Code Result
{{DuEffectSprite|Dynamo Melee|scale=1.5}}

Available images


    • ?
    • accelerating
    • blind
    • blinded
    • blindness
    • burning
    • chained
    • cowardice
    • death-barter
    • death-barter-charging
    • defense
    • dense-brew
    • dynamo-melee
    • dynamo-ranged
    • freezing-resistance
    • frozen
    • frenzied
    • ghost-form
    • invulnerability
    • mushroomized
    • oakwood-brew
    • poisoned
    • potion-barrier
    • rampaging
    • regeneration
    • roll-charge
    • shadow-form
    • slowness
    • spirit-speed
    • strength
    • stunned
    • swiftness
    • weakened


    • chain-sword-break
    • overheated
    • charged-shot
    • cog-crossbow
    • damage-synergy
    • pain-cycle
    • pain-cycle-charging
    • party-starter
    • wither

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