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This page has been tagged for and is currently awaiting deletion pending the criteria below. [delete] [discuss, links]
Criteria: None specified.
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This template is used to mark a page, file, or template for deletion when there is clear consensus that the page should be deleted, but a technical reason prevents deletion at this time. It serves as a warning to users not to use the template or file as it may be removed in the near future. This template adds pages to the Category:Awaiting deletion.

The most common reason to use this template is when a file pending deletion is used on interwikis, as deleting the file would cause its usage on other wikis to break. In general, page content should not be deleted, simply put the delete template at the top of the page, or below if the page is a redirect.


{{delete when|1|2|3|priority=Optional prioritizer}}
  • The 1 parameter adds the criteria to meet before deletion.
  • The 2 parameter adds an additional reason note.
  • The 3 parameter changes the section name where the "discuss" button will lead on the talk page.
  • The priority parameter makes the template show higher in the category.

See also

Article improvements
  • {{improve lead}} for pages that need a better lead section.
  • {{missing information}} for pages that miss or don't have enough information.
  • {{stub}} for very short articles.
  • {{expand section}} for sections of non-stub articles that need to be expanded.
  • {{cleanup}} for pages that do not conform to style guidelines.
    • {{rewrite}} for pages that need to be rewritten to comply with the style guide.
  • {{technical}} for pages (or sections) that might use technical jargon, and are difficult for many to understand.
Page actions
  • {{update}} for pages that need to be updated due to outdated information.
  • {{orphan}} for pages that need links to it.
  • {{currently editing}} for pages that are being edited to advice editors to not edit them for a while.
  • {{work in progress}} for pages that need to be edited and improve their contents.
  • {{delete}} for pages that need to be deleted.
    • {{delete when}} for pages that have a clear consensus that they should be deleted, but a technical reason prevents deletion.
    • {{speedy delete}} for pages that must be deleted as soon as possible.
  • {{move}} for suggest to move a page to another name.
  • {{split}} for suggest to split a page (or section) into 2 or more pages.
    • {{splitting}} for indicate that the splitting process has begun. It is recomended to use it on large splitting processes.
  • {{merge}} for suggesting to merge a page with another.
    • {{merging}} for indicate that the merging process has begun. It is recommended to use it on large merging processes.
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