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This page is a template for use on separate Legacy Console Edition version history articles.

This version was released on different platforms as:

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Notes about this specific version are placed below:

None specified


  • Added Glide Beasts Track Pack (Dragon, Kraken and Yeti Glide tracks)
  • Added new Glide music tracks for the new Glide tracks
  • Added colored particles when the player crosses the finish line in Glide


  • Change to Glide to require passing through all Checkpoints before reaching the end of the track
  • Glide Solo Mode can now be played for longer before being automatically returned to the Lobby
  • Decreased the respawn delay in Glide
  • Showdown in Glide now says "Hurry Up"


37 issues fixed
  • MCCE-923 – Cannot transfer world from PS Vita to PS3
  • MCCE-965 – Mob bug
  • MCCE-1536 – Player spawning on roof of house when reloading after saving game while inside house
  • MCCE-1590 – Villages spawning with massive caves and/or ravines and the house generation seems to be placing houses lower than ground level.
  • MCCE-2075 – Dropping water or lava freezes Xbox One and makes world unplayable
  • MCCE-2389 – Disappearing sheep
  • MCCE-2549 – Mineshaft chests are empty
  • MCCE-2591 – Xbox 360 upload to Xbox One not working
  • MCCE-2705 – No name box above head of mobs when using name tag
  • MCCE-2931 – No loot and no chests
  • MCCE-3105 – Sugarcane texture
  • MCCE-3108 – Mending enchantment on tools not affecting the due ability
  • MCCE-3180 – Large storage
  • MCCE-3230 – Can not save game on Xbox One
  • MCCE-3280 – General item issues
  • MCCE-3393 – Tools do not stay broken
  • MCCE-3540 – Basically the body is moved backwards
  • MCCE-3839 – Game crashes on uploading Xbox 360 worlds on to Xbox One
  • MCCE-4101 – Game crashes due to a large number of chests
  • MCCE-4271 – Signs causing FPS crashes
  • MCCE-4284 – World creating bug new update
  • MCCE-4290 – Invulnerable/invisible players in Battle minigames
  • MCCE-4366 – Wrong animation of the bow in hand
  • MCCE-4376 – Dead bushes drops
  • MCCE-4404 – All survival worlds lag or frame rate drops bad
  • MCCE-4416 – Terrible frame skip lag.
  • MCCE-4417 – Specific seeds do not save
  • MCCE-4418 – Scores on time attack cavern do not show much
  • MCCE-4464 – Fishing rod has no enchantments in first slot
  • Fix for spectator not hearing Glide ring or thermal sounds for the player they are spectating
  • Fix for Glide round timer continuing to tick while the pause menu is displayed in solo mode
  • Fix for "Interface Opacity" setting not affecting the HUD in Glide
  • Fix for some Boat item textures in the Mass Effect mash-up pack not matching the entity textures
  • Fix for an issue that caused the damage sound to be repeatedly played at the end of a Glide round
  • Fix for an issue that caused the body of player models to be set back from the other limbs
  • Version exclusive: Fix various crashes.

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