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This page is a template for use on separate Legacy Console Edition version history articles.

This version was released on different platforms as:

Underlined content prefixed with "Version exclusive" uses {{Console exclusive|<edition1>[,<edition2>]|<content>}} or {{cx|!<edition1>|<content>}} to dynamically display version-exclusive information for specific editions.

Notes about this specific version are placed below:

Merged with 2015-03-15 on PS, and as that page grabs content from here using DPL.


  • Added Quick Move to the horse inventory.
  • Added "Where are we now" music disc in Survival mode.


  • Fixed issue placing pistons, dispensers and droppers.
  • Made some fixes to player privileges.
  • Corrected baby zombie hit boxes size.
  • Fix for a bug where a chest did not disappear when destroyed.
  • Fix for player sometimes taking fall damage while in a boat.
  • Fixed an issue where a players' wolves could teleport to them when they were in a boat and kill them.

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