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Used to create Legacy Console Edition version articles.


All you need to do is add {{Console version|<date>}} to any valid console version article (i.e., one with a title that takes the format "<X> Edition <Y>"). That's it! The template handles everything for you.

  • The minimum usage is {{Console version|<date>}} for a basic article
    • If there is more than one version on a given date, use e.g. |n=2.
    • Add |prev=<ver> to set the "prev" link manually.
    • Add |next=<ver> to set the "next" link manually.
    • Add |image=<image> to add an infobox image.
    • Add |basedon=<javaver> to list the Java version it is based off of.
    • Add |build=<ver> to add a build number.
    • Add |installer=<ver> to add a installer version number.
    • Add |refs=<refs> to replace the default reference.
    • Add |<description> to add content after the lead.


Content will be grabbed from [[Template:Console version/<date>]] (where date is in the form YYYY-MM-DD). If there is more than one version on a given date, append "(2)", "(3)", etc to the title. Add the version content there, using {{console exclusive|<edition>|<content>}} for any version-specific content.

This category lists all avaliable dates.

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