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This template is used to create multiple columns. If 5 or less columns are used, each column will take up 1/5 of the page. If more than 5 columns are used, then the columns will be condensed more and distributed evenly throughout the screen. Up to 10 columns can be created. Use the following syntax to add this template to a page:

{{Columns|col1=Text in the first column|col2=Text in the second column|col3=Text in the third column|col10=Text in the tenth column}}

If there's a lot of text in each column or there are multiple lines in each column, which is often the case, it's usually better and easier to read if you separate the lines in the template coding.


* This is the text in column 1
* Awesome, right?
* Yep, we're skipping numbers here
* Are we going to do three bullet points this time?
* Yes, we are!
Skipping straight to 10 is awesome!

This will create:

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