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Not to be confused with Template:UsesBug.

This template adds a link to the Mojang bug tracker.


{{bug|bug ID|display text (optional)|bug title (optional)|resolution (optional)}}

Just entering a number will make the template default to using the Minecraft Java Edition bug tracker (MC- project); however adding the name of the project and a dash (-) in front of the number will instead link to an issue under that project.

Valid project names:

  • MC = Java Edition
  • MCPE, MCPE = Bedrock Codebase
  • MCCE, CE = Console Edition
  • MCL = Minecraft Launcher
  • MCAPI, API = Minecraft API
  • REALMS = Realms
  • MCE, EARTH = Minecraft Earth
  • WEB = Mojang Web Services
  • BDS = Bedrock Dedicated Server
  • MCD = Minecraft Dungeons

If the bug report is resolved (e.g. as intentional behavior), a resolution can be specified with the resolution argument or 4th positional argument. WAI and WF expand to "Works as Intended" and "Won't Fix" respectively.


  • {{bug}}: [[Mojira:MC-{{{1}}}|MC-{{{1}}}]]
  • {{bug|1234}}: MC-1234
  • {{bug|MC-1234}}: MC-1234
  • {{bug|PE-1234|custom title}}: custom title
  • {{bug|MCPE-1234||World not saving|Duplicate}}: MCPE-1234 – "World not saving" – resolved as "Duplicate"
  • {{bug|MC-11|resolution=WAI}}: MC-11 – resolved as "Works As Intended"
  • {{bug|API-1234}}: MCAPI-1234
  • {{bug|MCAPI-1234}}: MCAPI-1234
  • {{bug|MCL-1234}}: MCL-1234
  • {{bug|MCCE-1234}}: MCCE-1234
  • {{bug|CE-1234}}: MCCE-1234
  • {{bug|REALMS-1234}}: REALMS-1234
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