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This template uses Module:Block value, with data stored in Module:Blast resistance values.
These scripts are written in Lua.

This template outputs the corresponding blast resistance value given a block name as its input.


{{Blast resistance values|Obsidian}} becomes 1,200.

{{Blast resistance values|Non-existing value}} becomes ?.

Missing value

If you got here by following a "?" link, it means the value for this parameter is not defined. There are two main reasons this could happen:

  1. There is a new block, and data hasn't been entered for it yet. If you know the correct value, edit the module and add a new entry. Please don't guess or put in something random just to make the "?" go away!
  2. The page's name was changed, but it hasn't been updated in the module yet. Edit the module and fix the name.

Pages with missing values are placed in Category:Missing blast resistance.

See also

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