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This is the documentation page. It should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information

This template is used to create the tables on Biome/ID.


Unnamed paremeters
  • |1=: The name of the biome, defaults to "unused". A suffix can be added using parentheses after the name.
  • |2=: The hex color code to represent the color of the biome.
  • |3=: The text color of the line, to represent temperature.
    • Accepts values: snowy, cold, lush, dry, and technical. Leave empty if neutral or unknown biome.
  • |4=: Optional prefix
Named parameters
  • |icon=: Name of the icon, including the .png. If |sprite= is set, then the name of the sprite. Defaults to |1=.
  • |iconsize=: Size of the icon, defaults to 25px.
  • |nameid=: Change the nameid to something other than |1=.
  • |link=: Link to a different article than |1=.
  • |section=: Set the section in biomes to something other than |1=.
Table parameters
  • |dv=: Sets the data value. Defaults to the previous plus 1.
  • |sprite=: If set, the icon uses the sprite template listed instead of a file. Setting it causes all later templates to use the same option. To reset to use a files, set it to be empty.
  • |table=: Sets the header title for the template and all following uses. Defaults to Biome.
  • |namecolumn=: If set to 0 then all following uses of the template will have no name column. To use the name column again later simply set it back to 1.
  • |foot=: If set, then it adds the foot to the table.


{{biome id table|Ocean|000070}}
{{biome id table|Plains|8DB360|lush}}
{{biome id table|Desert|FA9418|dry}}
{{biome id table|Extreme Hills|icon=mountains|606060|cold}}
{{biome id table|Forest|056621|lush}}
{{biome id table|Taiga|0B6659|cold}}
{{biome id table|Swampland|icon=swamp|07F9B2|lush}}
{{biome id table|River|0000FF|lush}}
{{biome id table|Hell|icon=nether|FF0000|dry}}
{{biome id table|The End|nameid=sky|icon=the-end|8080FF|cold}}
{{biome id table|FrozenOcean|nameid=frozen_ocean|icon=frozen-ocean|909090|snowy}}
{{biome id table|FrozenRiver|nameid=frozen_river|icon=frozen-river|A0A0FF|snowy}}
{{biome id table|Ice Plains|nameid=ice_flats|FFFFFF|snowy|icon=snowy-tundra}}
{{biome id table|Ice Mountains|A0A0A0|snowy|icon=snowy-mountains}}
{{biome id table|MushroomIsland|nameid=mushroom_island|icon=mushroom-fields|FF00FF}}
{{biome id table|MushroomIslandShore|nameid=mushroom_island_shore|icon=mushroom-field-shore|A000FF}}
{{biome id table|Beach|nameid=beaches|icon=beach|FADE55|lush|foot=1}}
Icon Dec Hex Namespaced ID Biome Color
0 0 minecraft:ocean Ocean 000070
1 1 minecraft:plains Plains 8DB360
2 2 minecraft:desert Desert FA9418
3 3 minecraft:extreme_hills Extreme Hills 606060
4 4 minecraft:forest Forest 056621
5 5 minecraft:taiga Taiga 0B6659
6 6 minecraft:swampland Swampland 07F9B2
7 7 minecraft:river River 0000FF
8 8 minecraft:hell Hell FF0000
9 9 minecraft:sky The End 8080FF
10 A minecraft:frozen_ocean FrozenOcean 909090
11 B minecraft:frozen_river FrozenRiver A0A0FF
12 C minecraft:ice_flats Ice Plains FFFFFF
13 D minecraft:ice_mountains Ice Mountains A0A0A0
14 E minecraft:mushroom_island MushroomIsland FF00FF
15 F minecraft:mushroom_island_shore MushroomIslandShore A000FF
16 10 minecraft:beaches Beach FADE55

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