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You have been given an award! This is to show appreciation for your work here. 

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This template should be placed on a user's talk page. It does not automatically come with a heading; this must be added manually.

This template automatically inserts your signature with a timestamp; if you don't want a signature or want a different signature, simply set the sig parameter to an empty value or anything else, respectively.

This template can be given to a user who makes particularly good contributions or has done something special that you would like to thank them for; this practice is similar to the barnstar system on Wikipedia, but puts its own twist to it by using a completely different layout and having a Minecraft-related image instead of the "barnstar." Do note that for a single small edit someone has done that is useful to the wiki, it may be better to thank them for it instead.

To use this template, create a new section on a user's talk page and after the heading add the following:

{{subst:Award|[Reason for giving award, generally citing (a) way(s) the user has improved the wiki].}}

Optionally, you can also use a different image, rather than the default Nether Star, or a different image size, rather than the default 70px, using the following coding:

{{subst:Award|[Reason for giving award, generally citing (a) way(s) the user has improved the wiki].|image=[Put image here, without the File: prefix or brackets ([[]]) but with the file extension suffix]|imagesize=[Put size of image here in px]|sig=[Put desired signature here (by default it is your signature with a timestamp)]}}

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