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<includeonly><span class="animated" data-imgs="{{{1}}}" {{#if: {{{2|}}} | data-img-size="{{{2}}}" }}><span class="active">[[File:{{#explode: {{{1}}} | ; }}{{#if: {{{2|}}} | {{!}}{{{2}}} }}]]</span></span></includeonly><noinclude>
<includeonly>{{ {{{|safesubst:}}}#invoke:animate|animate}}</includeonly><noinclude>
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This template uses Module:Animate, a script written in Lua.

This template parses a semi-colon (;) separated list of images and places them in the correct format for them to be animated by the JS element animator.


| Semi-colon separated list of images
| The size of the images in px


{{animate|Dirt.png;Grass Block.png|100px}}

Dirt JE2 BE2.pngGrass Block JE7 BE6.png

{{animate|Stone.png;Diamond Ore.png|100px}}

Stone JE4 BE3.pngDiamond Ore JE5 BE5.png

See Template:Block for a real world use for this template.

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