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Using this template creates an advancement icon like seen in game.


You can set the icon of the advancement using |1= to any inventory slot image or fallback grid image.



Displaying a different background can be accomplished by using |2=, and the completed advancement by using |3=.

Background Parameters Description
Advancement-plain-raw.png plain|raw Default background of advancement.
Advancement-oval-raw.png oval|raw Goals background for advancement.
Advancement-fancy-raw.png fancy|raw Challenge background for advancement.
Advancement-plain-worn.png plain|worn Completed advancement background.
Advancement-oval-worn.png oval|worn Completed goals background for advancement.
Advancement-fancy-worn.png fancy|worn Completed challenge background for advancement.


The advancement icon does not link anywhere. A link can be added using |link=. To link to Grass Block you would use {{Advancement|Grass Block|link=Grass Block}}.

Text Result
{{Advancement|Grass Block|link=Grass Block}} Advancement-plain-raw.png
{{Advancement|Portfolio|fancy|link=https://education.minecraft.net}} Advancement-fancy-raw.png

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