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<abbr {{#if:{{{class|}}}|class="{{{class}}}"}} {{#if:{{{id|}}}|id="{{{id}}}"}} {{#if:{{{style|}}}|style="{{{style}}}"}} title="{{{2}}}">{{#switch: {{{3|}}}
<abbr {{#if:{{{class|}}}|class="{{{class}}}"}} {{#if:{{{id|}}}|id="{{{id}}}"}} {{#if:{{{style|}}}|style="{{{style}}}"}} title="{{#replace:{{{2}}}|"|'}}">{{#switch: {{{3|}}}
| i | IPA = {{IPA|{{{1|}}}}}
| i | IPA = {{IPA|{{{1|}}}}}
| {{{1|}}} }}</abbr><noinclude>
| {{{1|}}} }}</abbr><noinclude>

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Used as a shortened alternative to <abbr title="..."></abbr>.


{{Abbr|Text to display|Hover text}}: Text to display

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