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Old pre-1.16 format[]

These are some of the old formats before 1.16 that I made a discord table of. It would take some extra work to put that into a wiki table, so I'll just leave it right here:

 Format    | use       | Location (path)                                  | Location (general)
 L/M       | Own UUID  | UUIDLeast/UUIDMost                               | All entities
 L/M       | Cause     | OwnerUUIDLeast/OwnerUUIDMost                     | Arrows, Spectral arrows, Tridents and Area Effect Clouds
 L/M       | Cause     | owner.L/owner.M                                  | Eggs, Snowballs, Splash Potions, Ender Pearls and Xp Bottles
 L/M       | Cause     | Owner.OwnerUUIDLeast/Owner.OwnerUUIDMost         | Llama Spit and Evoker Fangs
 L/M/X/Y/Z | Cause     | Owner.L/Owner.M/Owner.X/Owner.Y/Owner.Z          | Shulker Bullets
 L/M/X/Y/Z | Target    | Target.L/Target.M/Target.X/Target.Y/Target.Z     | Shulker Bullets
 L/M       | Cause     | Thrower.L/Thrower.M                              | Item entities
 L/M       | /give     | Owner.L/Owner.M                                  | Item entities
 String    | Skinowner | SkullOwner.Id                                    | Player Skulls
 String    | Skinowner | SkullOwner.Properties.textures[].Value.profileId | Player Skulls
 String    | Owner     | OwnerUUID                                        | Tamable mobs
 L/M       | Target    | Leash.UUIDLeast/Leash.UUIDMost                   | All mobs
 L/M       | Feeder    | LoveCauseLeast/LoveCauseMost                     | Breedable mobs
 L/M       | Fed by    | ConversionPlayerLeast/ConversionPlayerMost       | Zombie Villagers
 L/M       | Attacking | target_uuid.L/target_uuid.M                      | Conduits
 String    | Attacker  | HurtBy                                           | Zombie Pigmen and Bees
 L/M       | Attribute | <modifier>.UUIDLeast/<modifier>.UUIDMost         | Attribute modifiers
 L/M       | Trusted   | TrustedUUIDs[].L/TrustedUUIDs[].M                | Foxes
 String    | Selector  | -                                                | Target selectors in commands

Entities missing a reference to the cause: Firework Rockets, Wither Skulls, Dragon Fireballs, Small fireballs, Ghast fireballs and exploding TNT

--Kappascopezz (talk) 16:59, 20 March 2020 (UTC)

String format section names are meaningless for Version 4 UUIDs[]

The article currently has a section that names all the UUID data segments. These names are only correct and valid for Version 1 or Version 2 UUIDs, while Minecraft uses Version 4 UUIDs. IMO, that makes including the information unhelpful and misleading. I suggest that all information regarding section names be removed, as it has nothing to do with how Minecraft uses UUIDs. People who need more detailed information about the format can easily get it from the Wikipedia link at the top of the page. AjaxGb (talk) 19:19, 27 March 2020 (UTC)

The names section was required to build up terms to work with in the generation section, but I agree that the names themselves are unintuitive for version 4 and they were just used because it's what the link from the java documentation gave me to work with. I still don't see the naming section as redundant, but would also like to rename the string format section names.Kappascopezz (talk) 08:01, 28 March 2020 (UTC)