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History section[]

Should we have a History section to describe them sinking in Water (which creates Drowned[ no "s"]) in the Snapshot 18w19a? *2 spaces* Woe-be-Tide anyone running afoul of Wiki "editors." Yilante 5 /8 /18 2:47 pm 21:48, 8 May 2018 (UTC)


Are all undead mobs now immune to drowning? an_awsome_person (talk) 03:53, 13 September 2019 (UTC)

@An awsome person: No. Zombies and husks drown. ~ Amatulic (talk) 21:42, 18 August 2020 (UTC)

Bringing back this page from a redirect to the page it used to be.[]

This page used to be its own page, but then suddenly without any warning, consensus, etc., This page suddenly got turned into a redirect of the Mob Page. But why? This page was unique in comparison into the Mob page, and contained its own information. The Mob Page was treated as a TL;DR of what was the Undead page. Let's take the Illager page, which still exists to this day. It has its own TL;DR form in the Mob page, with a link to the Illager page. It used to be the same way for the Undead page, but not any more. Can we please have this page back? Any thoughts? --Blockofnetherite Talk Contributions 21:24, 18 August 2020 (UTC)

@Blockofnetherite:: It redirects to Mob#Undead mobs and not just Mob. If you look at the most recent version of the Undead article before it was converted to a redirect, you'll see that it was a short article with sparse content (and some of it is redundant with the individual articles about these mobs). To me, it doesn't appear sufficient to merit a stand-alone article. Any content differences between the two can be merged into Mob. ~ Amatulic (talk) 21:40, 18 August 2020 (UTC)