Sorting out these Portal Pages

Thinking of doing the same thing that is done with the Nether Portal pages to this one. The link - Portal leads to a disambiguation page. This contains:

Nether Portal - the formation of obsidian and portal

Technical blocks#Portal - the purple portal that is on the technical blocks page

[[Ender Portal (structure)]] - the formation of ender frame and ender portal blocks (as a mimic of the Nether portal page set up)

Ender Portal Frame - The blocks with the Eye of Ender insets in them
Ender Portal - the starry design portal blocks, which should really belong on the technical blocks page with the other portal block.

I propose some moves.

I have brought this up on all talk pages that it regards, and any comments you have please add here: Minecraft Wiki talk:Community portal#Ender Portals moves and renames as somewhat of a megathread to all of whom it concerns --HexZyle 04:40, 14 October 2011 (UTC)

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