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Spawning question[]

Mobs were never be able to spawn ON rails, only through rails. This fact is also not mentioned in the original release comment from Mojang. They just talk about a spawning bug related to rail. They were spawning ON the block below the rail using the free space of the rails and an air block above that. (The main spawning test is if a block has a solid top surface.) -- 15:25, 12 November 2015 (UTC)

Now they cannot spawn "through" rails either. Anomie x (talk) 01:26, 13 November 2015 (UTC)
Yust read your bug report: blocksMovement() is new for me as I have not analyzed the 1.9 code yet. Could you briefly describe what that is doing (as PM if you like)? In 1.8 spawning through these blocks was possible in the second wave. If this is changing, I have to change code in other projects. According to your description blocksMovement() seems to replace isOpaque() which was something like isNotTransparent().--Mc Etlam (talk) 09:11, 13 November 2015 (UTC)
"blocksMovement" and "isOpaque" are the names used in MCP 9.10; they are methods of the block's material. See block/Block.java lines 337–345, that bit of code hasn't changed since 1.8. Anomie x (talk) 11:21, 13 November 2015 (UTC)