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The Taiga is a biome that consists of spruce forest.


The taiga is one of very few biomes to include spruce trees, and no other tree types besides spruce will grow naturally. Ferns can also be found throughout this biome's spruce forests. Wolves and Foxes can also naturally spawn in this biome.

In the 1.14 update, there is a chance that sweet berry bushes may spawn. Walking through these bushes can inflict damage to players as well as mobs, and they can be harvested to obtain sweet berries.

There are also 2 other types of taiga: The Cold Taiga Biome, and the Redwood Forest (giant tree taiga) biome.


Before update 1.7.2, a taiga biome would have snow on the ground. However, this was removed in the update, and the cold taiga biome was added.


  • At y=128, it will start snowing if land generates, despite the biome registered as "taiga".
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