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Sapling inventory
For other berry-related objects found in Minecraft, see Berry (Disambiguation).

Sweet berries are a food item which can be gathered from a sweet berry bush by right-clicking or using bonemeal.



When placed on the ground, sweet berries will initially look like saplings, but will gradually grow into sweet berry bushes. Left clicking the bush will drop 1-3 sweet berries without destroying the bush. 


Eating sweet berries can replenish a maximum of HungerHunger.


Butcher Villagers will buy sweet berries in exchange for Emeralds.


Using sweet berries on a Composter has a chance to raise its level by 1.


When placed on the ground, sweet berries will deal 1/2 hearts of damage if walked or sprinted through. If crouched or still, the player will take no damage. 


  • Sweet berries can be used to breed foxes
  • The sweet berries bush is the only block other than the Magma Block, Cactus Block, and Lava that passively causes the player to receive damage. 
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