Superflat button

Selected superflat button

Superflat is an option when choosing world type. When chosen and generated, the ground will become completely flat (excluding villages). The world has a high spawn rate for slimes and villages. The default superflat world consists of 4 layers: a layer of grass, two layers of dirt, and a level of indestructible bedrock. As of 1.4.2, a player can choose from a selection of preset worlds such as: "Water World", "Bottomless Pit" and "Tunneler's Dream". Players can also add, remove and edit layers when creating a superflat world.

A player might be able to survive in this type of place since the villages produce some saplings and wheat. However, one needs to find one first. Just because the spawn rate is higher doesn't always mean one'll spawn in one or right beside one. Some players try to survive in a superflat world as a challenge.

Main use

The most common use for a superflat world is in creative mode. Superflat worlds were implemented because it was easier to create creation such as Large cities, or other massive Minecraft creations in a superflat world, seeing as one does not have to level any land. Another popular type of build in a superflat world would be pixel art. Players who find pleasure in living with Villagers in NPC Villages may also choose a superflat world because villages have a higher spawn rate, making them easier to locate.


  • Only the PC version features variants of superflat such as "Water World". Only Classic is featured in the console and mobile editions.
    • As of recent updates console editions have superflat variants.
  • A good tip for finding villages in a normal world is to recreate the world as a flat world. Locate a village and recorded its location. The village will spawn in or around the same location in the normal world.