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The Sun

The Sun is an 8×8 pixel sprite and is the brightest light source in Minecraft. It has a light value of 15, the same as beacons, Redstone Lamps, fire, and a few other luminous blocks.

The sun starts on the positive X (East) side of a world when created, and moves towards the negative X (West) side until sunset. A regular day/night cycle in Minecraft is about 20 minutes, the sun being out for about 10 minutes. The sun also has various effects on Mobs. It causes Skeletons and Zombies to burn, Spiders and Cave Spiders to become docile and Endermen begin to teleport to The End. Skeletons and zombies wearing helmets or pumpkins, or if they are in the water, will not burn in sunlight. It is not possible to travel to the sun in Vanilla Minecraft.

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