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This article is about captions for game sounds. For the pulsing yellow text on the title screen, see Splash.
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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

Subtitles, as they appear in-game.

Subtitles (also known as captions) are a feature which display text for sounds in-game. This feature is mainly intended for players who have hearing impairments, are deaf, or play with sounds off. They can also be used for hearing quieter sounds, locating sounds, or identifying sounds a player doesn't recognize.


When subtitles are turned on, a black box appears in the bottom right corner, which lists sounds in the world that are nearby to the player. If the sounds are offscreen, "<" or ">" point in the direction the sound is coming from. As the sound fades away, the text also fades, becoming less white.

All sounds (whether environmental, from entities, block updates, or other sources) have their own individualized subtitles. For entities, the entity is displayed followed by a specific verb, e.g. "Rabbit squeaks" or "Villager mumbles". However, the object is not specified for removing or placing blocks and the sound of footsteps.

Subtitles can be enabled in the "Music & Sounds" or "Accessibility Settings" sections of the options menu.


Below are available subtitles.


Block Data value Subtitle
All blocks subtitles.block.generic.break Block broken
subtitles.block.generic.footsteps Footsteps
subtitles.block.generic.hit Block breaking
subtitles.block.generic.place Block placed
Anvil subtitles.block.anvil.destroy Anvil destroyed
subtitles.block.anvil.land Anvil landed
subtitles.block.anvil.use Anvil used
Block of Amethyst subtitles.block.amethyst_block.chime Amethyst chimes
subtitles.block.amethyst_block.resonate Amethyst resonates
Barrel subtitles.block.barrel.close Barrel closes
subtitles.block.barrel.open Barrel opens
Beacon subtitles.block.beacon.activate Beacon activates
subtitles.block.beacon.ambient Beacon hums
subtitles.block.beacon.deactivate Beacon deactivates
subtitles.block.beacon.power_select Beacon power selected
Beehive subtitles.block.beehive.enter Bee enters hive
subtitles.block.beehive.exit Bee leaves hive
subtitles.block.beehive.drip Honey drips
subtitles.block.beehive.work Bees work
subtitles.block.beehive.shear Shears scrape
Bell subtitles.block.bell.use Bell rings
subtitles.block.bell.resonate Bell resonates
Big Dripleaf subtitles.block.big_dripleaf.tilt_down Dripleaf tilts down
subtitles.block.big_dripleaf.tilt_up Dripleaf tilts up
Blast Furnace subtitles.block.blastfurnace.fire_crackle Blast Furnace crackles
Brewing Stand subtitles.block.brewing_stand.brew Brewing Stand bubbles
Bubble Column subtitles.block.bubble_column.bubble_pop Bubbles pop
subtitles.block.bubble_column.upwards_ambient Bubbles flow
subtitles.block.bubble_column.upwards_inside Bubbles woosh
subtitles.block.bubble_column.whirlpool_ambient Bubbles whirl
subtitles.block.bubble_column.whirlpool_inside Bubbles zoom
Buttons subtitles.block.button.click Button clicks
Cake subtitles.block.cake.add_candle Cake squishes
Campfire subtitles.block.campfire.crackle Campfire crackles
Candle subtitles.block.candle.crackle Candle crackles
Cartography Table subtitles.ui.cartography_table.take_result Map drawn
Chest subtitles.block.chest.close Chest closes
subtitles.block.chest.locked Chest locked
subtitles.block.chest.open Chest opens
Chiseled Bookshelf subtitles.chiseled_bookshelf.insert Book placed
subtitles.chiseled_bookshelf.insert_enchanted Enchanted Book placed
subtitles.chiseled_bookshelf.take Book taken
subtitles.chiseled_bookshelf.take_enchanted Enchanted Book taken
Chorus Flower subtitles.block.chorus_flower.death Chorus Flower withers
subtitles.block.chorus_flower.grow Chorus Flower grows
Composter subtitles.block.composter.empty Composter emptied
subtitles.block.composter.fill Composter filled
subtitles.block.composter.ready Composter composts
Conduit subtitles.block.conduit.activate Conduit activates
subtitles.block.conduit.ambient Conduit pulses
subtitles.block.conduit.attack.target Conduit attacks
subtitles.block.conduit.deactivate Conduit deactivates
Decorated Pot subtitles.block.decorated_pot.shatter Pot shatters
Dispenser subtitles.block.dispenser.dispense Dispensed item
subtitles.block.dispenser.fail Dispenser failed
Doors subtitles.block.door.toggle Door creaks
Enchanting Table subtitles.block.enchantment_table.use Enchanting Table used
End Portal subtitles.block.end_portal.spawn End Portal opens
End Portal Frame subtitles.block.end_portal_frame.fill Eye of Ender attaches
Fence Gates subtitles.block.fence_gate.toggle Fence Gate creaks
Fire subtitles.block.fire.ambient Fire crackles
subtitles.block.fire.extinguish Fire extinguished
Frogspawn subtitles.block.frogspawn.hatch Tadpole hatches
Furnace subtitles.block.furnace.fire_crackle Furnace crackles
Honey Block subtitles.block.honey_block.slide Sliding down a honey block
Grindstone subtitles.block.grindstone.use Grindstone used
Growing Plant subtitles.block.growing_plant.crop Plant cropped
Iron Trapdoor subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.close Trapdoor closes
subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.open Trapdoor opens
Lava subtitles.block.lava.ambient Lava pops
subtitles.block.lava.extinguish Lava hisses
Lever subtitles.block.lever.click Lever clicks
Loom subtitles.ui.loom.take_result Loom used
Nether Portal subtitles.block.portal.ambient Portal whooshes
subtitles.block.portal.trigger Portal noise intensifies
Note Block subtitles.block.note_block.note Note Block plays
Piston subtitles.block.piston.move Piston moves
Pointed Dripstone subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_lava Lava drips
subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_lava_into_cauldron Lava drips into Cauldron
subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_water Water drips
subtitles.block.pointed_dripstone.drip_water_into_cauldron Water drips into Cauldron
Pressure Plates subtitles.block.pressure_plate.click Pressure Plate clicks
Pumpkin subtitles.block.pumpkin.carve Shears carve
Redstone Comparator subtitles.block.comparator.click Comparator clicks
Redstone Torch subtitles.block.redstone_torch.burnout Torch fizzes
Respawn Anchor subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.ambient Portal whooshes
subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.charge Respawn Anchor is charged
subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.deplete Respawn Anchor depletes
subtitles.block.respawn_anchor.set_spawn Respawn Anchor sets spawn
Sculk Catalyst subtitles.block.sculk_catalyst.bloom Sculk Catalyst blooms
Sculk Sensor subtitles.block.sculk_sensor.clicking Sculk Sensor starts clicking
subtitles.block.sculk_sensor.clicking_stop Sculk Sensor stops clicking
Sculk Shrieker subtitles.block.sculk_shrieker.shriek Sculk Shrieker shrieks
Shulker Box subtitles.block.shulker_box.close Shulker closes
subtitles.block.shulker_box.open Shulker opens
Sign subtitles.block.sign.waxed_interact_fail Sign wobbles
Smithing Table subtitles.block.smithing_table.use Smithing Table used
Smoker subtitles.block.smoker.smoke Smoker smokes
Sniffer Egg subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_crack Sniffer Egg cracks
subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_hatch Sniffer Egg hatches
Stonecutter subtitles.ui.stonecutter.take_result Stonecutter used
Sponge subtitles.block.sponge.absorb Sponge sucks
Sweet Berry Bush subtitles.block.sweet_berry_bush.pick_berries Berries pop
Tripwire subtitles.block.tripwire.attach Tripwire attaches
subtitles.block.tripwire.click Tripwire clicks
subtitles.block.tripwire.detach Tripwire detaches
Turtle Egg subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_hatch Turtle Egg hatches
subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_crack Turtle Egg cracks
subtitles.entity.turtle.egg_break Turtle Egg breaks
Water subtitles.block.water.ambient Water flows
Wooden Trapdoors subtitles.block.trapdoor.toggle Trapdoor creaks


Mob Data value Subtitle
All mobs subtitles.entity.generic.big_fall Something fell
subtitles.entity.generic.burn Burning
subtitles.entity.generic.death Dying
subtitles.entity.generic.drink Sipping
subtitles.entity.generic.eat Eating
subtitles.entity.generic.explode Explosion
subtitles.entity.generic.extinguish_fire Fire extinguishes
subtitles.entity.generic.hurt Something hurts
subtitles.entity.generic.small_fall Something trips
subtitles.entity.generic.splash Splashing
subtitles.entity.generic.swim Swimming
Player subtitles.entity.player.attack.crit Critical attack
subtitles.entity.player.attack.knockback Knockback attack
subtitles.entity.player.attack.strong Strong attack
subtitles.entity.player.attack.sweep Sweeping attack
subtitles.entity.player.attack.weak Weak attack
subtitles.entity.player.burp Burp
subtitles.entity.player.death Player dies
subtitles.entity.player.freeze_hurt Player freezes
subtitles.entity.player.hurt Player hurts
subtitles.entity.player.hurt_drown Player drowning
subtitles.entity.player.hurt_on_fire Player burns
subtitles.entity.player.levelup Player dings
Allay subtitles.entity.allay.ambient_with_item Allay seeks
subtitles.entity.allay.ambient_without_item Allay yearns
subtitles.entity.allay.death Allay dies
subtitles.entity.allay.hurt Allay hurts
subtitles.entity.allay.item_given Allay chortles
subtitles.entity.allay.item_taken Allay allays
subtitles.entity.allay.item_thrown Allay tosses
Axolotl subtitles.entity.axolotl.attack Axolotl attacks
subtitles.entity.axolotl.death Axolotl dies
subtitles.entity.axolotl.hurt Axolotl hurts
subtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_air Axolotl chirps
subtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_water Axolotl chirps
subtitles.entity.axolotl.splash Axolotl splashes
subtitles.entity.axolotl.swim Axolotl swims
Bat subtitles.entity.bat.ambient Bat screeches
subtitles.entity.bat.death Bat dies
subtitles.entity.bat.hurt Bat hurts
subtitles.entity.bat.takeoff Bat takes off
Bee subtitles.entity.bee.death Bee dies
subtitles.entity.bee.hurt Bee hurts
subtitles.entity.bee.loop Bee buzzes[1]
subtitles.entity.bee.loop_aggressive Bee buzzes angrily
subtitles.entity.bee.pollinate Bee buzzes happily
subtitles.entity.bee.sting Bee stings
Blaze subtitles.entity.blaze.ambient Blaze breathes
subtitles.entity.blaze.burn Blaze crackles
subtitles.entity.blaze.death Blaze dies
subtitles.entity.blaze.hurt Blaze hurts
subtitles.entity.blaze.shoot Blaze shoots
Camel subtitles.entity.camel.ambient Camel grunts
subtitles.entity.camel.dash Camel yeets
subtitles.entity.camel.dash_ready Camel recovers
subtitles.entity.camel.death Camel dies
subtitles.entity.camel.eat Camel eats
subtitles.entity.camel.hurt Camel hurts
subtitles.entity.camel.saddle Saddle equips
subtitles.entity.camel.sit Camel sits down
subtitles.entity.camel.stand Camel stands up
subtitles.entity.camel.step Camel steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.camel.step_sand Camel sands[2][until JE 1.20.2]
Cat subtitles.entity.cat.ambient Cat meows
subtitles.entity.cat.beg_for_food Cat begs
subtitles.entity.cat.death Cat dies
subtitles.entity.cat.eat Cat eats
subtitles.entity.cat.hiss Cat hisses
subtitles.entity.cat.hurt Cat hurts
subtitles.entity.cat.purr Cat purrs
Chicken subtitles.entity.chicken.ambient Chicken clucks
subtitles.entity.chicken.death Chicken dies
subtitles.entity.chicken.egg Chicken plops
subtitles.entity.chicken.hurt Chicken hurts
Cod subtitles.entity.cod.death Cod dies
subtitles.entity.cod.flop Cod flops
subtitles.entity.cod.hurt Cod hurts
Cow subtitles.entity.cow.ambient Cow moos
subtitles.entity.cow.death Cow dies
subtitles.entity.cow.hurt Cow hurts
subtitles.entity.cow.milk Cow gets milked
Creeper subtitles.entity.creeper.death Creeper dies
subtitles.entity.creeper.hurt Creeper hurts
subtitles.entity.creeper.primed Creeper hisses
Dolphin subtitles.entity.dolphin.ambient Dolphin chirps
subtitles.entity.dolphin.ambient_water Dolphin whistles
subtitles.entity.dolphin.attack Dolphin attacks
subtitles.entity.dolphin.death Dolphin dies
subtitles.entity.dolphin.eat Dolphin eats
subtitles.entity.dolphin.hurt Dolphin hurts
subtitles.entity.dolphin.jump Dolphin jumps
subtitles.entity.dolphin.play Dolphin plays
subtitles.entity.dolphin.splash Dolphin splashes
subtitles.entity.dolphin.swim Dolphin swims
Donkey subtitles.entity.donkey.ambient Donkey hee-haws
subtitles.entity.donkey.angry Donkey neighs
subtitles.entity.donkey.chest Donkey Chest equips
subtitles.entity.donkey.death Donkey dies
subtitles.entity.donkey.eat Donkey eats
subtitles.entity.donkey.hurt Donkey hurts
Drowned subtitles.entity.drowned.ambient Drowned gurgles
subtitles.entity.drowned.ambient_water Drowned gurgles
subtitles.entity.drowned.hurt Drowned hurts
subtitles.entity.drowned.death Drowned dies
subtitles.entity.drowned.shoot Drowned throws Trident
subtitles.entity.drowned.step Drowned steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.drowned.swim Drowned swims
Elder Guardian subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.ambient Elder Guardian moans
subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.ambient_land Elder Guardian flaps
subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.curse Elder Guardian curses
subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.death Elder Guardian dies
subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.flop Elder Guardian flops
subtitles.entity.elder_guardian.hurt Elder Guardian hurts
Ender Dragon subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.ambient Dragon roars
subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.death Dragon dies
subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.flap Dragon flaps
subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.growl Dragon growls
subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.hurt Dragon hurts
subtitles.entity.ender_dragon.shoot Dragon shoots
Enderman subtitles.entity.enderman.ambient Enderman vwoops
subtitles.entity.enderman.death Enderman dies
subtitles.entity.enderman.hurt Enderman hurts
subtitles.entity.enderman.scream Enderman screams
subtitles.entity.enderman.stare Enderman cries out
subtitles.entity.enderman.teleport Enderman teleports
Endermite subtitles.entity.endermite.ambient Endermite scuttles
subtitles.entity.endermite.death Endermite dies
subtitles.entity.endermite.hurt Endermite hurts
Evoker subtitles.entity.evoker.ambient Evoker murmers
subtitles.entity.evoker.cast_spell Evoker casts spell
subtitles.entity.evoker.celebrate Evoker cheers
subtitles.entity.evoker.death Evoker dies
subtitles.entity.evoker.hurt Evoker hurts
subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_summon Evoker prepares summoning
subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_attack Evoker prepares attack
subtitles.entity.evoker.prepare_wololo Evoker prepares charming
Fox subtitles.entity.fox.aggro Fox angers
subtitles.entity.fox.ambient Fox squeaks
subtitles.entity.fox.bite Fox bites
subtitles.entity.fox.death Fox dies
subtitles.entity.fox.eat Fox eats
subtitles.entity.fox.hurt Fox hurts
subtitles.entity.fox.screech Fox screeches
subtitles.entity.fox.sleep Fox snores
subtitles.entity.fox.sniff Fox sniffs
subtitles.entity.fox.spit Fox spits
subtitles.entity.fox.teleport Fox teleports
Frog subtitles.entity.frog.ambient Frog croaks
subtitles.entity.frog.death Frog dies
subtitles.entity.frog.eat Frog eats
subtitles.entity.frog.hurt Frog hurts
subtitles.entity.frog.lay_spawn Frog lays spawn
subtitles.entity.frog.long_jump Frog jumps
Ghast subtitles.entity.ghast.ambient Ghast cries
subtitles.entity.ghast.death Ghast dies
subtitles.entity.ghast.hurt Ghast hurts
subtitles.entity.ghast.shoot Ghast shoots
Glow Squid subtitles.entity.glow_squid.ambient Glow Squid swims
subtitles.entity.glow_squid.death Glow Squid dies
subtitles.entity.glow_squid.hurt Glow Squid hurts
subtitles.entity.glow_squid.squirt Glow Squid shoots ink
Goat subtitles.entity.goat.ambient Goat bleats
subtitles.entity.goat.screaming.ambient Goat bellows
subtitles.entity.goat.death Goat dies
subtitles.entity.goat.eat Goat eats
subtitles.entity.goat.horn_break Goat horn breaks off
subtitles.entity.goat.hurt Goat hurts
subtitles.entity.goat.long_jump Goat leaps
subtitles.entity.goat.milk Goat gets milked
subtitles.entity.goat.prepare_ram Goat stomps
subtitles.entity.goat.ram_impact Goat rams
Guardian subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient Guardian moans
subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient_land Guardian flaps
subtitles.entity.guardian.attack Guardian shoots
subtitles.entity.guardian.death Guardian dies
subtitles.entity.guardian.flop Guardian flops
subtitles.entity.guardian.hurt Guardian hurts
Hoglin subtitles.entity.hoglin.ambient Hoglin growls
subtitles.entity.hoglin.angry Hoglin growls angrily
subtitles.entity.hoglin.attack Hoglin attacks
subtitles.entity.hoglin.converted_to_zombified Hoglin converts to Zoglin
subtitles.entity.hoglin.death Hoglin dies
subtitles.entity.hoglin.hurt Hoglin hurts
subtitles.entity.hoglin.retreat Hoglin retreats
subtitles.entity.hoglin.step Hoglin steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
Horse subtitles.entity.horse.ambient Horse neighs
subtitles.entity.horse.angry Horse neighs
subtitles.entity.horse.armor Horse armor equips
subtitles.entity.horse.breathe Horse breathes
subtitles.entity.horse.death Horse dies
subtitles.entity.horse.eat Horse eats
subtitles.entity.horse.gallop Horse gallops
subtitles.entity.horse.hurt Horse hurts
subtitles.entity.horse.jump Horse jumps
subtitles.entity.horse.saddle Saddle equips
Husk subtitles.entity.husk.ambient Husk groans
subtitles.entity.husk.converted_to_zombie Husk converts to Zombie
subtitles.entity.husk.death Husk dies
subtitles.entity.husk.hurt Husk hurts
Illusioner subtitles.entity.illusioner.ambient Illusioner murmurs
subtitles.entity.illusioner.cast_spell Illusioner casts spell
subtitles.entity.illusioner.death Illusioner dies
subtitles.entity.illusioner.hurt Illusioner hurts
subtitles.entity.illusioner.mirror_move Illusioner displaces
subtitles.entity.illusioner.prepare_blindness Illusioner prepares blindness
subtitles.entity.illusioner.prepare_mirror Illusioner prepares mirror image
Iron Golem subtitles.entity.iron_golem.attack Iron Golem attacks
subtitles.entity.iron_golem.damage Iron Golem breaks
subtitles.entity.iron_golem.death Iron Golem dies
subtitles.entity.iron_golem.hurt Iron Golem hurts
subtitles.entity.iron_golem.repair Iron Golem repaired
Llama subtitles.entity.llama.ambient Llama bleats
subtitles.entity.llama.angry Llama bleats angrily
subtitles.entity.llama.chest Llama Chest equips
subtitles.entity.llama.death Llama dies
subtitles.entity.llama.eat Llama eats
subtitles.entity.llama.hurt Llama hurts
subtitles.entity.llama.spit Llama spits
subtitles.entity.llama.step Llama steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.llama.swag Llama is decorated
Magma Cube subtitles.entity.magma_cube.death Magma Cube dies
subtitles.entity.magma_cube.hurt Magma Cube hurts
subtitles.entity.magma_cube.squish Magma Cube squishes
Mooshroom subtitles.entity.mooshroom.convert Mooshroom transforms
subtitles.entity.mooshroom.eat Mooshroom eats
subtitles.entity.mooshroom.milk Mooshroom gets milked
subtitles.entity.mooshroom.suspicious_milk Mooshroom gets milked suspiciously
Mule subtitles.entity.mule.ambient Mule hee-haws
subtitles.entity.mule.angry Mule neighs
subtitles.entity.mule.chest Mule Chest equips
subtitles.entity.mule.death Mule dies
subtitles.entity.mule.eat Mule eats
subtitles.entity.mule.hurt Mule hurts
Panda subtitles.entity.panda.aggressive_ambient Panda huffs
subtitles.entity.panda.ambient Panda pants
subtitles.entity.panda.bite Panda bites
subtitles.entity.panda.cant_breed Panda bleats
subtitles.entity.panda.death Panda dies
subtitles.entity.panda.eat Panda eats
subtitles.entity.panda.hurt Panda hurts
subtitles.entity.panda.pre_sneeze Panda's nose tickles
subtitles.entity.panda.sneeze Panda sneezes
subtitles.entity.panda.step Panda steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.panda.worried_ambient Panda whimpers
Parrot subtitles.entity.parrot.ambient Parrot talks
subtitles.entity.parrot.death Parrot dies
subtitles.entity.parrot.eats Parrot eats
subtitles.entity.parrot.fly Parrot flutters
subtitles.entity.parrot.hurts Parrot hurts
subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.<mob> Parrot <sounds>
Phantom subtitles.entity.phantom.ambient Phantom screeches
subtitles.entity.phantom.bite Phantom bites
subtitles.entity.phantom.death Phantom dies
subtitles.entity.phantom.flap Phantom flaps
subtitles.entity.phantom.hurt Phantom hurts
subtitles.entity.phantom.swoop Phantom swoops
Pig subtitles.entity.pig.ambient Pig oinks
subtitles.entity.pig.death Pig dies
subtitles.entity.pig.hurt Pig hurts
subtitles.entity.pig.saddle Saddle equips
Piglin subtitles.entity.piglin.admiring_item Piglin admires item
subtitles.entity.piglin.ambient Piglin snorts
subtitles.entity.piglin.angry Piglin snorts angrily
subtitles.entity.piglin.celebrate Piglin celebrates
subtitles.entity.piglin.death Piglin dies
subtitles.entity.piglin.jealous Piglin snorts enviously
subtitles.entity.piglin.hurt Piglin hurts
subtitles.entity.piglin.retreat Piglin retreats
subtitles.entity.piglin.step Piglin steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.piglin.converted_to_zombified Piglin converts to Zombified Piglin
Piglin Brute subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.ambient Piglin Brute snorts
subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.angry Piglin Brute snorts angrily
subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.death Piglin Brute dies
subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.hurt Piglin Brute hurts
subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.step Piglin Brute steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.converted_to_zombified Piglin Brute converts to Zombified Piglin
Pillager subtitles.entity.pillager.ambient Pillager murmurs
subtitles.entity.pillager.celebrate Pillager cheers
subtitles.entity.pillager.death Pillager dies
subtitles.entity.pillager.hurt Pillager hurts
Polar Bear subtitles.entity.polar_bear.ambient Polar Bear groans
subtitles.entity.polar_bear.ambient_baby Polar Bear hums
subtitles.entity.polar_bear.death Polar Bear dies
subtitles.entity.polar_bear.hurt Polar Bear hurts
subtitles.entity.polar_bear.warning Polar Bear roars
Pufferfish subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.blow_out Pufferfish deflates
subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.blow_up Pufferfish inflates
subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.death Pufferfish dies
subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.flop Pufferfish flops
subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.hurt Pufferfish hurts
subtitles.entity.puffer_fish.sting Pufferfish stings
Rabbit subtitles.entity.rabbit.ambient Rabbit squeaks
subtitles.entity.rabbit.attack Rabbit attacks
subtitles.entity.rabbit.death Rabbit dies
subtitles.entity.rabbit.hurt Rabbit hurts
subtitles.entity.rabbit.jump Rabbit hops
Ravager subtitles.entity.ravager.step Ravager steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.ravager.stunned Ravager stunned
subtitles.entity.ravager.roar Ravager roars
subtitles.entity.ravager.attack Ravager bites
subtitles.entity.ravager.death Ravager dies
subtitles.entity.ravager.hurt Ravager hurts
subtitles.entity.ravager.ambient Ravager grunts
subtitles.entity.ravager.celebrate Ravager cheers
Salmon subtitles.entity.salmon.death Salmon dies
subtitles.entity.salmon.flop Salmon flops
subtitles.entity.salmon.hurt Salmon hurts
Sheep subtitles.entity.sheep.ambient Sheep baahs
subtitles.entity.sheep.death Sheep dies
subtitles.entity.sheep.hurt Sheep hurts
Shulker subtitles.entity.shulker.ambient Shulker lurks
subtitles.entity.shulker.close Shulker closes
subtitles.entity.shulker.death Shulker dies
subtitles.entity.shulker.hurt Shulker hurts
subtitles.entity.shulker.open Shulker opens
subtitles.entity.shulker.shoot Shulker shoots
subtitles.entity.shulker.teleport Shulker teleports
Silverfish subtitles.entity.silverfish.ambient Silverfish hisses
subtitles.entity.silverfish.death Silverfish dies
subtitles.entity.silverfish.hurt Silverfish hurts
Skeleton subtitles.entity.skeleton.ambient Skeleton rattles
subtitles.entity.skeleton.converted_to_stray Skeleton converts to Stray
subtitles.entity.skeleton.death Skeleton dies
subtitles.entity.skeleton.hurt Skeleton hurts
subtitles.entity.skeleton.shoot Skeleton shoots
Skeleton Horse subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.ambient Skeleton Horse cries
subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.death Skeleton Horse dies
subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.hurt Skeleton Horse hurts
subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.swim Skeleton Horse swims
Slime subtitles.entity.slime.attack Slime attacks
subtitles.entity.slime.death Slime dies
subtitles.entity.slime.hurt Slime hurts
subtitles.entity.slime.squish Slime squishes
Sniffer subtitles.entity.sniffer.death Sniffer dies
subtitles.entity.sniffer.digging Sniffer digs
subtitles.entity.sniffer.digging_stop Sniffer stands up
subtitles.entity.sniffer.drop_seed Sniffer drops seed
subtitles.entity.sniffer.eat Sniffer eats
subtitles.entity.sniffer.happy Sniffer delights
subtitles.entity.sniffer.hurt Sniffer hurts
subtitles.entity.sniffer.idle Sniffer grunts
subtitles.block.sniffer_egg.plop Sniffer plops
subtitles.entity.sniffer.scenting Sniffer scents
subtitles.entity.sniffer.searching Sniffer searches
subtitles.entity.sniffer.sniffing Sniffer sniffs
subtitles.entity.sniffer.step Sniffer steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
Snow Golem subtitles.entity.snow_golem.death Snow Golem dies
subtitles.entity.snow_golem.hurt Snow Golem hurts
Spider subtitles.entity.spider.ambient Spider hisses
subtitles.entity.spider.death Spider dies
subtitles.entity.spider.hurt Spider hurts
Strider subtitles.entity.strider.death Strider dies
subtitles.entity.strider.eat Strider eats
subtitles.entity.strider.happy Strider warbles
subtitles.entity.strider.hurt Strider hurts
subtitles.entity.strider.idle Strider chirps
subtitles.entity.strider.retreat Strider retreats
Squid subtitles.entity.squid.ambient Squid swims
subtitles.entity.squid.death Squid dies
subtitles.entity.squid.hurt Squid hurts
subtitles.entity.squid.squirt Squid shoots ink
Stray subtitles.entity.stray.ambient Stray rattles
subtitles.entity.stray.death Stray dies
subtitles.entity.stray.hurt Stray hurts
Tadpole subtitles.entity.tadpole.death Tadpole dies
subtitles.entity.tadpole.flop Tadpole flops
subtitles.entity.tadpole.grow_up Tadpole grows up
subtitles.entity.tadpole.hurt Tadpole hurts
Tropical Fish subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.death Tropical Fish dies
subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.flop Tropical Fish flops
subtitles.entity.tropical_fish.hurt Tropical Fish hurts
Turtle subtitles.entity.turtle.ambient_land Turtle chirps
subtitles.entity.turtle.lay_egg Turtle lays egg
subtitles.entity.turtle.hurt Turtle hurts
subtitles.entity.turtle.hurt_baby Turtle baby hurts
subtitles.entity.turtle.death Turtle dies
subtitles.entity.turtle.death_baby Turtle baby dies
subtitles.entity.turtle.swim Turtle swims
subtitles.entity.turtle.shamble Turtle shambles
subtitles.entity.turtle.shamble_baby Turtle baby shambles
Vex subtitles.entity.vex.ambient Vex vexes
subtitles.entity.vex.charge Vex shrieks
subtitles.entity.vex.death Vex dies
subtitles.entity.vex.hurt Vex hurts
Villager subtitles.entity.villager.ambient Villager mumbles
subtitles.entity.villager.celebrate Villager cheers
subtitles.entity.villager.death Villager dies
subtitles.entity.villager.hurt Villager hurts
subtitles.entity.villager.no Villager disagrees
subtitles.entity.villager.trade Villager trades
subtitles.entity.villager.yes Villager agrees
subtitles.entity.villager.work_<profession> <Profession> works
Vindicator subtitles.entity.vindicator.ambient Vindicator mutters
subtitles.entity.vindicator.celebrate Vindicator cheers
subtitles.entity.vindicator.death Vindicator dies
subtitles.entity.vindicator.hurt Vindicator hurts
Wandering Trader subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.ambient Wandering Trader mumbles
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.death Wandering Trader dies
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.disappeared Wandering Trader disappears
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.drink_milk Wandering Trader drinks milk
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.drink_potion Wandering Trader drinks potion
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.hurt Wandering Trader hurts
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.no Wandering Trader disagrees
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.reappeared Wandering Trader appears
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.trade Wandering Trader trades
subtitles.entity.wandering_trader.yes Wandering Trader agrees
Warden subtitles.entity.warden.agitated Warden groans angrily
subtitles.entity.warden.ambient Warden whines
subtitles.entity.warden.angry Warden rages
subtitles.entity.warden.attack_impact Warden lands hit
subtitles.entity.warden.dig Warden digs
subtitles.entity.warden.death Warden dies
subtitles.entity.warden.emerge Warden emerges
subtitles.entity.warden.heartbeat Warden's heart beats
subtitles.entity.warden.hurt Warden hurts
subtitles.entity.warden.listening Warden takes notice
subtitles.entity.warden.listening_angry Warden takes notice angrily
subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_close Warden approaches
subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closer Warden advances
subtitles.entity.warden.nearby_closest Warden draws close
subtitles.entity.warden.roar Warden roars
subtitles.entity.warden.sniff Warden sniffs
subtitles.entity.warden.sonic_boom Warden booms
subtitles.entity.warden.sonic_charge Warden charges
subtitles.entity.warden.step Warden steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
subtitles.entity.warden.tendril_clicks Warden's tendrils click
Witch subtitles.entity.witch.ambient Witch giggles
subtitles.entity.witch.celebrate Witch cheers
subtitles.entity.witch.death Witch dies
subtitles.entity.witch.drink Witch drinks
subtitles.entity.witch.hurt Witch hurts
subtitles.entity.witch.throw Witch throws
Wither subtitles.entity.wither.ambient Wither angers
subtitles.entity.wither.death Wither dies
subtitles.entity.wither.hurt Wither hurts
subtitles.entity.wither.shoot Wither attacks
subtitles.entity.wither.spawn Wither released
Wither Skeleton subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.ambient Wither Skeleton rattles
subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.death Wither Skeleton dies
subtitles.entity.wither_skeleton.hurt Wither Skeleton hurts
Wolf subtitles.entity.wolf.ambient Wolf pants
subtitles.entity.wolf.death Wolf dies
subtitles.entity.wolf.growl Wolf growls
subtitles.entity.wolf.hurt Wolf hurts
subtitles.entity.wolf.shake Wolf shakes
Zoglin subtitles.entity.zoglin.angry Zoglin growls angrily
subtitles.entity.zoglin.ambient Zoglin growls
subtitles.entity.zoglin.attack Zoglin attacks
subtitles.entity.zoglin.death Zoglin dies
subtitles.entity.zoglin.hurt Zoglin hurts
subtitles.entity.zoglin.step Zoglin steps[2][until JE 1.20.2]
Zombie subtitles.entity.zombie.ambient Zombie groans
subtitles.entity.zombie.attack_wooden_door Door shakes
subtitles.entity.zombie.break_wooden_door Door breaks
subtitles.entity.zombie.converted_to_drowned Zombie converts to Drowned
subtitles.entity.zombie.death Zombie dies
subtitles.entity.zombie.destroy_egg Turtle Egg stomped
subtitles.entity.zombie.hurt Zombie hurts
subtitles.entity.zombie.infect Zombie infects
Zombie Horse subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.ambient Zombie Horse cries
subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.death Zombie Horse dies
subtitles.entity.zombie_horse.hurt Zombie Horse hurts
Zombie Villager subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.ambient Zombie Villager groans
subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.converted Zombie Villager vociferates
subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.cure Zombie Villager snuffles
subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.death Zombie Villager dies
subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.hurt Zombie Villager hurts
Zombified Piglin subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.ambient Zombified Piglin grunts
subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.angry Zombified Piglin grunts angrily
subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.death Zombified Piglin dies
subtitles.entity.zombified_piglin.hurt Zombified Piglin hurts

Non-mob Entities[]

Object Data value Subtitle
Armor Stand subtitles.entity.armor_stand.fall Something fell
Arrow subtitles.entity.arrow.hit Arrow hits
subtitles.entity.arrow.hit_player Player hit
subtitles.entity.arrow.shoot Arrow fired
Boat subtitles.entity.boat.paddle_land Rowing
subtitles.entity.boat.paddle_water Rowing
Egg subtitles.entity.egg.throw Egg flies
Ender Pearl subtitles.entity.ender_pearl.throw Ender Pearl flies
Evoker Fangs subtitles.entity.evoker_fangs.attack Fangs snap
Experience Orb subtitles.entity.experience_orb.pickup Experience gained
Eye of Ender subtitles.entity.ender_eye.death Eye of Ender falls
subtitles.entity.ender_eye.launch Eye of Ender shoots
Firework Rocket subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.blast Firework blasts
subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.launch Firework launches
subtitles.entity.firework_rocket.twinkle Firework twinkles
Fishing Bobber subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.retrieve Bobber retrieved
subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.splash Fishing Bobber splashes
subtitles.entity.fishing_bobber.throw Bobber thrown
Glow Item Frame subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.add_item Glow Item Frame fills
subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.break Glow Item Frame breaks
subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.place Glow Item Frame placed
subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.remove_item Glow Item Frame empties
subtitles.entity.glow_item_frame.rotate_item Glow Item Frame clicks
Items subtitles.entity.item.break Item breaks
subtitles.entity.item.pickup Item plops
Item Frame subtitles.entity.item_frame.add_item Item Frame fills
subtitles.entity.item_frame.break Item Frame breaks
subtitles.entity.item_frame.place Item Frame placed
subtitles.entity.item_frame.remove_item Item Frame empties
subtitles.entity.item_frame.rotate_item Item Frame clicks
Leash Knot subtitles.entity.leash_knot.break Leash Knot breaks
subtitles.entity.leash_knot.place Leash Knot tied
Lightning subtitles.entity.lightning_bolt.impact Lightning strikes
subtitles.entity.lightning_bolt.thunder Thunder roars
Minecart subtitles.entity.minecart.riding Minecart rolls
Painting subtitles.entity.painting.break Painting breaks
subtitles.entity.painting.place Painting placed
Shulker Bullet subtitles.entity.shulker_bullet.hit Shulker Bullet explodes
subtitles.entity.shulker_bullet.hurt Shulker Bullet breaks
Splash Potion subtitles.entity.potion.splash Bottle smashes
subtitles.entity.potion.throw Bottle thrown
Snowball subtitles.entity.snowball.throw Snowball flies
TNT subtitles.entity.tnt.primed TNT fizzes


Item Data value Subtitle
Armor subtitles.item.armor.equip Gear equipped
subtitles.item.armor.equip_chain Chain armor jingles
subtitles.item.armor.equip_diamond Diamond armor clangs
subtitles.item.armor.equip_gold Gold armor clinks
subtitles.item.armor.equip_iron Iron armor clanks
subtitles.item.armor.equip_leather Leather armor rustles
subtitles.item.armor.equip_netherite Netherite armor clanks
subtitles.item.armor.equip_turtle Turtle Shell thunks
Axe subtitles.item.axe.scrape Axe scrapes
subtitles.item.axe.strip Axe strips
subtitles.item.axe.wax_off Wax off
Bone Meal subtitles.item.bone_meal.use Bone Meal crinkles
Bottle subtitles.item.bottle.empty Bottle empties
subtitles.item.bottle.fill Bottle fills
Brush subtitles.item.brush.brushing.generic Brushing
subtitles.item.brush.brushing.gravel Brushing Gravel
subtitles.item.brush.brushing.gravel.complete Brushing Gravel completed
subtitles.item.brush.brushing.sand Brushing Sand
subtitles.item.brush.brushing.sand.complete Brushing Sand completed
Bucket subtitles.item.bucket.empty Bucket empties
subtitles.item.bucket.fill Bucket fills
subtitles.item.bucket.fill_axolotl Axolotl scooped
subtitles.item.bucket.fill_fish Fish captured
Bundle subtitles.item.bundle.drop_contents Bundle empties
subtitles.item.bundle.insert Item packed
subtitles.item.bundle.remove_one Item unpacked
Chorus Fruit subtitles.item.chorus_fruit.teleport Player teleports
Crossbow subtitles.item.crossbow.charge Crossbow charges up
subtitles.item.crossbow.hit Arrow hits
subtitles.item.crossbow.load Crossbow loads
subtitles.item.crossbow.shoot Crossbow fires
Dye subtitles.item.dye.use Dye stains
Elytra subtitles.item.armor.equip_elytra Elytra rustles
Fire Charge subtitles.item.firecharge.use Fireball whooshes
Flint and Steel subtitles.item.flintandsteel.use Flint and Steel click
Glow Ink Sac subtitles.item.glow_ink_sac.use Glow Ink Sac splotches
Goat Horn subtitles.item.goat_horn.play Goat horn plays
Hoe subtitles.item.hoe.till Hoe tills
Honey Bottle subtitles.item.honey_bottle.drink Gulping
Honeycomb subtitles.item.honeycomb.wax_on Wax on
Ink Sac subtitles.item.ink_sac.use Ink Sac splotches
Lodestone Compass subtitles.item.lodestone_compass.lock Lodestone Compass locks onto Lodestone
Shears subtitles.item.shears.shear Shears click
Shield subtitles.item.shield.block Shield blocks
Shovel subtitles.item.shovel.flatten Shovel flattens
Spyglass subtitles.item.spyglass.use Spyglass expands
subtitles.item.spyglass.stop_using Spyglass retracts
Totem of Undying subtitles.item.totem.use Totem activates
Trident subtitles.item.trident.hit Trident stabs
subtitles.item.trident.hit_ground Trident vibrates
subtitles.item.trident.return Trident returns
subtitles.item.trident.riptide Trident zooms
subtitles.item.trident.throw Trident clangs
subtitles.item.trident.thunder Trident thunder cracks
Written Book subtitles.item.book.page_turn Page rustles
subtitles.item.book.put Book thumps


Enchantment Data value Subtitle
Soul Speed subtitles.particle.soul_escape Soul escapes
Thorns subtitles.enchant.thorns.hit Thorns prick


Environment Data value Subtitle
Cave ambience subtitles.ambient.cave Eerie noise
Rain subtitles.weather.rain Rain falls


Event Data value Subtitle
Raid subtitles.event.raid.horn Ominous horn blares


UI Data value Subtitle
Cartography Table subtitles.ui.cartography_table.take_result Map drawn
Loom subtitles.ui.loom.take_result Loom used
Stonecutter subtitles.ui.stonecutter.take_result Stonecutter used


Java Edition
1.99 March 2015Dinnerbone asks for feedback on his initial work on subtitles. At this stage, subtitles were superimposed onto objects.
16 March 2015Dinnerbone changes subtitles into the current format.
13 October 2015Grum tweets that he is working on subtitles, and that as a side effect there is more control over the playing of sound events.
15w43bAdded subtitles.
1.1419w11aSubtitles are added in Accessibility Settings.
1.1620w16aSubtitles are now only displayed when sounds are actually audible.[3]
Minecart subtitles no longer show up while loading a world.[4]
Some subtitles could be heard from far away, and no longer can.[5]
1.19.3Release Candidate 1Added shadows to subtitle text.
1.19.423w03aAdded the "Notification Display Time" option, which changes how long subtitles are displayed for.


Java Edition
1.915w43cAdded "Rain falls".
15w45aChanged "Fire cackles" to "Fire crackles"[6]
Muted sound categories no longer cause subtitles in that category to be muted.[7]
15w49aChanged "Dispensed items" to "Dispensed item"[8].
Changed "Water splashes" to "Water flows".[8]
Changed "Bat hurt" to "Bat hurts".[8]
Changed "Blaze crackles" to "Blaze breathes".[8]
Changed "Shulker awaits" to "Shulker hurts".[8]
Changed "Wither prepares" to "Wither released".[8]
Changed "Fire whooshes" to "Flint and steel click".[8]
Changed "TNT fizzes " to "TNT fizzes", removing an extra space.
16w07aChanged subtitles.entity.zombie.cure to subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.cure
Changed Removed subtitles.entity.zombie.converted to subtitles.entity.zombie_villager.converted
Added subtitles for brewing stands.
Added subtitles for chorus flowers
Added "Button clicks".
Added "Furnace crackles".
Added "Trapdoor opens" and "Trapdoor closes" for iron trapdoors.
Added "Thorns prick".
Added subtitles.entity.armorstand.fall, which was "Something fell".
Added "Cow gets milked".
Added "Horse eats".
Added subtitles for item frames
Added subtitles for leash knots
Added subtitles for paintings
Added "Rabbit attacks" subtitle for the killer bunny.
Added subtitles for shulkers and shulker bullets
Added subtitles for snowmen.
Added subtitles for squid.
Added subtitles for witches.
Added "Armor equips", "Chain armor equips", "Diamond armor equips", "Gold armor equips", "iron armor equips", and "Leather armor equips".
Added "Bottle fills".
Added subtitles for buckets.
Added "Hoe tills".
Added "Shield blocks".
Added "Shovel flattens".
16w07bCorrected capitalization on many subtitles.
Changed "Brewing stand bubbles" to "Brewing Stand bubbles".
Changed "Chorus flower withers" to "Chorus Flower withers".
Changed "Chorus flower grows" to "Chorus Flower grows".
Changed "Fence gate creaks" to "Fence Gate creaks".
Changed "Pressure plate clicks" to "Pressure Plate clicks".
Changed "Item frame breaks" to "Item Frame breaks".
Changed "Item frame placed" to "Item Frame placed".
Changed "Item frame empties" to "Item Frame empties".
Changed "iron armor equips" to "Iron armor equips".
Changed "Flint and steel click" to "Flint and Steel click".
Changed "Button clicks" to "Comparator clicks".
Changed "Enderpearl flies" to "Ender Pearl flies".
Changed "Dying sounds" to "Dying".
Changed subtitles.entity.itemframe.add_item from "Item frame clicks" to "Item Frame fills".
Changed subtitles.entity.itemframe.rotate_item from "Item frame fills" to "Item Frame clicks".
Changed "Armor equips" to "Gear equiped".
Changed "Skeletal Horse" subtitles to "Skeleton Horse" subtitles.
Changed "Snowman" subtitles to "Snow Golem" subtitles.
pre3Changed subtitles.entity.slime.squish from "Slime squashes" to "Slime squishes".
Changed "Gear equiped" to "Gear equipped".[9]
Changed subtitles.entity.magmacube.jump, which was "Magma Cube jumps" to subtitles.entity.magmacube.squish, which was "Magma Cube squishes".
Removed subtitles.entity.slime.jump, which was "Slime jumps".
releaseChanged "Bat squeeks" to "Bat screeches".[10]
Changed "Skeleton clanks" to "Skeleton rattles".
Changed "Chain armor equips" to "Chain armor jingles".
Changed "Diamond armor equips" to "Diamond armor clangs".
Changed "Gold armor equips" to "Gold armor clinks".
Changed "Iron armor equips" to "Iron armor clanks".
Changed "Leather armor equips" to "Leather armor rustles".
Added "Eerie noise".
Added "Chest locked".
Added subtitles for tripwire.
Added "Bat takes off".
Added "Blaze crackles".
Added subtitles.entity.bobber.throw, which was "Bobber thrown".
Added "Donkey neighs".
Added "Donkey Chest equips".
Added subtitles.entity.endereye.launch, which was "Endereye shoots".
Added "Fire extinguishes".
Added "Horse neighs", "Horse armor equips", and "Horse breathes".
Added subtitles.entity.horse.saddle, which was "Saddle equips".
Added "Saddle equips" for pigs.
Added "Player dings".
Added "Villager disagrees", "Villager trades", and "Villager agrees".
Added "Wolf shakes".
Added "Zombie infects".
1.9.1pre1Changed "Endereye shoots" to "Eye of Ender shoots".
1.10releaseAdded subtitles for husks, polar bears, strays, and wither skeletons to en_US.lang.
1.10.2releaseSubtitles for husks, polar bears, strays, and wither skeletons were added to sounds.json.[11]
Falling sounds now produce "Something fell" instead of "Footsteps".[12]
1.1116w32bChanged "Noteblock plays" to "Note block plays".
Boats no longer use "Armor equips" subtitle.[13]
16w33aAdded unique subtitles for elder guardians[14], as well as "Elder Guardian curses".
Added "Zombie Villager groans", "Zombie Villager dies", and "Zombie Villager hurts", which are now distinct from zombies' subtitles.[15]
16w35aChanged "Lighting strikes" to "Lightning strikes".[16]
Unequipping armor from horses no longer shows "Horse armor equips".[17]
16w39aAdded subtitles for evoker fangs evokers, and vindicators, (except for celebration sounds) but the translation keys used evocation_fangs, evocation_illager, and vindication_illager.
Added subtitles.entity.llama.ambient, which was "LLama bleats".
Added subtitles for llamas, except for "Llama Chest equips".
Added subtitles for vexes.
Added "Totem activates".
16w39bChanged "LLama bleats" to "Llama bleats".[18]
Added subtitles for shulker boxes.
16w40aFixed subtitles for illagers, llamas, and shulker boxes.[19]
16w41aAdded "Llama Chest equips" and "Mule Chest equips".
Added "Elytra rustles".
Wood now uses "Block breaking" instead of "Block broken" while hitting the block.[20][21]
Wooden pressure plates unclicking now use "Pressure plate clicks" instead of "Button clicks".[21]
Totems of undying now properly use their subtitle.[22]
Llamas now properly use their "Llama Chest equips" subtitle instead of "Donkey Chest equips".[23]
16w44aChanged "Note block plays" to "Note Block plays".[24]
1.1217w13bAdded "Parrot talks", "Parrot dies", "Parrot eats", and "Parrot hurts".
When imitating, parrots use the subtitles of the mobs they are imitating.[25]
17w14aParrots now properly use their subtitles.[26]
17w15aAdded subtitles.entity.imitates, which was "%s imitates %s". The parrot and mob being imitated were replaced.[25]
17w16a"Parrot" is now replaceable in the "Parrot imitates [mob]" subtitle.[27]
17w17aAdded illusioner subtitles. The translation keys used "Illusioner displaces" was subtitles.entity.illusion_illager.mirror_move and illusion_illager in place of illusioner.
17w18aReplaced subtitles.entity.imitates, which was "%s imitates %s" with "Parrot [sounds]". All mobs except all passive mobs (except polar bears) and normal guardians now use this.
evocation_illager, illusion_illager, and vindication_illager were still used.
enderdragon and magmacube were used instead of their spaced names.
1.1318w07aAdded subtitles.item.axe.strip, which was "Debarking log".
Added subtitles for turtles. The translation keys used subtitles.turtle. rather than subtitles.entity.turtle..
18w08aAdded "Squid shoots ink"
18w11aAdded "Drowned gurgles", "Drowned dies", "Drowned hurts", "Drowned throws Trident", "Drowned steps", and "Drowned swims".
ambient, death, and hurt have _water variants, with the same subtitle.
Added "Zombie converted to Drowned"
18w19aAdded "Parrot gurgles", the imitation for drowned.
Added subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.swim, which was "Skeleton Horse swims"
Added subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_ambient, which was "Skeleton Horse cries"
Added subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_gallop, which was "Skeleton Horse gallops"
Added subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_jump, which was "Skeleton Horse jumps"
18w19bAdded "Husk converted to Zombie".
18w20bChanged "Something tripped" to "Something trips".
Changed "Llama bleats angry" to "Llama bleats angrily".
Changed "Gear equipped" to "Gear equips".
Changed "Elytra rustles" to "Elytra rustle".
Changed "Turtle chirp" to "Turtle chirps".
pre5Removed drowned's ambient_water, death_water, and hurt_water subtitles.
Removed elder guardians' ambient.land and attack subtitles.
Removed guardians' curse subtitle, which was "Guardian curses".
Removed parrots' subtitles.entity.parrot.imitate.cave_spider, which was "Parrot hisses".
Removed subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_ambient, subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_gallop, and subtitles.entity.skeleton_horse.water_jump, which were identical to their land counterparts.
Replaced subtitles.block.note.note with subtitles.block.note_block.note.
Replaced subtitles.entity.armorstand.fall with subtitles.entity.armor_stand.fall.
Replaced subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient.land with subtitles.entity.guardian.ambient_land.
Replaced subtitles.entity.polar_bear.polar_bear.baby_ambient with subtitles.entity.polar_bear.polar_bear.ambient_baby.
Replaced subtitles.item.shear with subtitles.item.shears.shear.
Replaced bobber subtitles with fishing_bobber.
Replaced enderdragon subtitles with ender_dragon.
Replaced endereye subtitles with ender_eye.
Replaced enderpearl subtitles with ender_pearl.
Replaced evocation_fangs subtitles with evoker_fangs.
Replaced evocation_illager subtitles with evoker.
Replaced firework subtitles with firework_rocket.
Replaced illusion_illager subtitles with illusioner.
Replaced itemframe subtitles with item_frame.
Replaced leashknot subtitles with leash_knot.
Replaced lightning subtitles with lightning_bolt.
Replaced magmacube subtitles with magma_cube.
Replaced snowman subtitles with snow_golem.
Replaced vindication_illager subtitles with vindicator.
Replaced parrot imitation translation keys to match those above.
18w07aPhantoms have been added, but their subtitles do not have translation strings in en_us.json.[28]
pre8Replaced subtitles.turtle. subtitles with subtitles.entity.turtle..
Added phantom subtitles in en_us.json, although they were previously called.[28]
pre9Added subtitles for bubble columns, cod, dolphins, pufferfish, salmon, tridents, and equipping a turtle shell.[29]
1.1418w43aAdded subtitles for illager beasts, pandas, pillagers, and crossbows.
18w47aAdded subtitles.event.raid.horn_distant, which was "Ominous horn echos far away", and subtitles.event.raid.horn_local, which was "Ominous horn blares".
18w48aAdded "Grindstone used".
18w50aRemoved "Ominous horn echos far away".
Replaced subtitles.event.raid.horn_local with subtitles.event.raid.horn.
19w02aAdded "Campfire crackles".
Added "Page rustles" and "Book thumps".
19w03aAdded subtitles for barrels, smokers, and blast furnaces.
Added "Berries pop", "Crop planted", and "Crop planted" for nether warts.
19w05aReplaced illager_beast subtitles with ravager.
19w05aWandering traders now call subtitles, but there is no translation string.[30]
19w06aAdded "Wandering Trader mumbles", "Wandering trader dies", "Wandering Trader hurts", "Wandering Trader disagrees", "Wandering Trader trades", and "Wandering Trader agrees" to en_US.lang, although they were called previously.[30]
19w07aAdded "Fox angers", "Fox squeaks", "Fox barks", "Fox bites", "Fox dies", "Fox eats", "Fox hurts", "Fox snores", "Fox sniffs", and "Fox spits".
19w08aReplaced subtitles.entity.fox.bark, which was "Fox barks" with subtitles.entity.fox.screech, which is "Fox screeches".
Added "Mooshroom transforms", "Mooshroom eats", "Mooshroom gets milked", and "Mooshroom gets milked suspiciously".
19w11aAdded parrot imitation subtitles for guardians, pandas, pillagers, and ravagers.
Added subtitles for villagers working.
19w13aAdded cheering sounds for all illagers and witches.
19w13bAdded "Bell resonates".
1.1519w34aAdded beehive subtitles.
Added bee subtitles.
Added "Honey gulping".
19w41aAdded "Sliding down a honey block".
Added "Iron Golem breaks" and "Iron Golem repaired".
19w44aRemoved parrot imitation sounds for pandas, polar bears, wolves, and zombie pigmen.
19w45aRemoved parrot imitation sounds for endermen.
When the player has Night Vision, subtitles, among other things, no longer are tinted.[31]
pre2The "Arrow hits" or "Trident stabs" subtitle no longer shows when an enderman is hit with an arrow or trident.[32]
1.1620w06aChanged "Honey gulping" to "Gulping".
Added composter subtitles.
Added "Netherite armor clanks".
20w07aAdded subtitles for hoglins, except "Hoglin converts to Zoglin".
Added subtitles for piglins.
20w09aReplaced "Zombie Pigman" subtitles with "Zombified Piglin".
Hoglins now use "Footsteps" subtitle instead of "Hoglin dies" while walking.[33]
Soul sand and soul soil now have subtitles.[34][35]
20w11aAdded "Soul escapes"
20w12aAdded subtitles for respawn anchors.
20w13aAdded "Lodestone Compass locks onto Lodestone".
20w14aChanged subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.close from "Trapdoor opens" to "Trapdoor closes", and subtitles.block.iron_trapdoor.open from "Trapdoor closes" to "Trapdoor opens".[36]
Added subtitles for beacons.[37]
Added subtitles for conduits.[37]
Added "Enchanting table used".[37]
Added "End Portal opens!" and "Eye of Ender attaches".[37]
Added "Shears carve".[37]
Added "Smithing Table used".[37]
Added boat rowing sounds.[37]
Added "Cat begs", "Cat eats", and "Cat hisses".[37]
Added subtitles.entity.drowned.ambient_water, which is "Drowned gurgles".[37]
Added "Eye of Ender falls".[37]
Added "Bobber retrieved".[37]
Added "Hoglin converts to Zoglin".[37]
Added "Horse lands".[37]
Added variants for players' attacking sounds and hurting subtitles.[37]
Added subtitles for striders.[37]
Added subtitles for tropical fish.[37]
Added subtitles for wandering traders drinking, appearing, and disappearing.[37]
Added subtitles for zoglins.[37]
Added "Turtle Egg stomped".[37]
Added "Bottle empties".[37]
Added "Fish captured".[37]
20w18aChanged "End Portal opens!" to "End Portal opens".[38]
Changed "Husk converted to Zombie" to "Husk converts to Zombie" and "Zombie converted to Drowned" to "Zombie converts to drowned".[39]
Subtitles existing no longer affect text in written books.[40]
20w21aChanged "Blast furnace crackles" to "Blast Furnace crackles".
Changed "Enchanting table used" to "Enchanting Table used".
Changed "Respawn anchor" subtitles to "Respawn Anchor".
Changed "Turtle egg" subtitles to "Turtle Egg".[41]
Changed "Zombie vociferates" to "Zombie Villager vociferates".[42]
Changed "Zombie snuffles" to "Zombie Villager snuffles".[42]
Removed "Horse lands".
Added "Portal noise fades" and "Portal noise intensifies".[43]
Added "Cat purrs".
Added "Donkey eats".
Added "Mule neighs" and "Mule eats".
Added "Door shakes" and "Door breaks".[44]
Added "Map drawn", "Loom used", and "Stonecutter used".
Added parrot imitation sounds for hoglins, zoglins, and piglins.
Foxes no longer use the "Player teleports" subtitle.[45]
Fish flopping no longer use the "Footsteps" subtitle.[46]
Polar bears' step sounds now have subtitles.[47]
Striders now show subtitles.[48]
Making a map no longer uses "Gear equips" subtitle.[49]
20w22aTaking a product out of a stonecutter now produces subtitles.[50]
pre1Changed "Debarking log" to "Axe scrapes".[51]
pre6Changed "Zombified Piglin angers" to "Zombified Piglin grunts angrily".
1.16.220w27aAdded subtitles for piglin brutes.
Added "Parrot snorts mightily", which is the imitation sound for piglin brutes.
Using an item which modifies the held item no longer uses the "Gear equips" subtitle.[52][53]
20w30aChanged "Turtle shell thunks" to "Turtle Shell thunks".
1.1720w45aAdded "Cake squishes".
Added "Candle crackles".
Added "Spyglass retracts" and "Spyglass expands".
Taking a flower out of a flower pot, using a bucket in Survival mode, and zombies picking up items no longer display the "Gear equips" subtitle.[54][55][56][57]
20w46aAdded "Player freezes"
20w48aAdded subtitles for fluids dripping into cauldrons.
Added "Pointed Dripstone crashes down".
20w49aChanged "Pointed Dripstone crashes down" to "Stalactite crashes down".
Added subtitles for sculk sensors.
20w51aAdded subtitles for axolotls.
21w03aChanged "[Fluid] drips into cauldron" to "[Fluid] drips into Cauldron".[58]
Subtitles for pointed dripstone dripping sounds now properly display.[59]
Changed "Shulker bullet" subtitles to "Shulker Bullet".[60]
Added subtitles for glow squids.
Added "Dye stains" and "Ink Sac splotches".
21w05aAdded subtitles for dripleaves.
Added "Skeleton converts to Stray".
21w10aAdded subtitles for glow item frames.[61]
21w11aChanged "Axe scrapes" to "Axe strips".
Added "Axe scrapes".
Added "Wax on" and "Wax off".
Added "Amethyst chimes".[62]
Subtitles' opacity is no longer affected by a fading effect.[63]
21w13a"Wax on" and "Wax off" subtitles now properly display.[64]
Goats were added, but their translation keys were not in en_us.json.[65]
21w15aAdded subtitles for goats.[65]
Added "Bone meal crinkles".
21w18aGoat subtitles now properly display.[66][67]
21w19aPowder snow now properly displays subtitles.[68]
21w20aChanged subtitles.item.berries.pick to subtitles.block.sweet_berry_bush.pick_berries.
1.1821w37aAdded subtitles for bundles.
21w38aAdded "Plant cropped".
1.1922w11aAdded subtitles for frogspawn, frogs, and tadpoles.
22w12aChanged "Frog hatches" to "Tadpole hatches".[69]
Added subtitles for wardens.
Added "Parrot roars", the imitation sound for wardens.
22w13aAdded subtitles for allays.
22w14aChanged "Warden heart beats" to "Warden's heart beats" and "Warden tendrils click" to "Warden's tendrils click".[70]
Added subtitles for sculk catalysts and sculk shriekers.[71][72]
22w15aAdded "Warden booms" and "Warden charges", for wardens' sonic boom attack.
22w16aChanged "Parrot flaps" (elder guardians' imitation subtitle) to "Parrot moans".[73]
Changed "Parrot snorts mightily" (piglin brutes' imitation subtitle) to "Parrot snorts".[73]
Changed "Parrot roars" (wardens' imitation subtitle) to "Parrot whines".[73]
Changed subtitles.entity.allay.throw to subtitles.entity.allay.item_thrown.
22w17aAdded "Goat horn breaks off" and "Goat horn plays".
pre1Changed "Goat horn breaks off" to "Goat Horn breaks off" and "Goat horn plays" to "Goat Horn plays".[74]
Added "Tadpole captured".[75]
Frogs now properly use the "Footsteps" subtitle.[76]
pre5Added "Sculk bubbles" and "Sculk spreads".[77]
1.19.322w42aAdded "Tadpole grows up".[78]
22w45aAdded "Enderman screams".
22w42aAdded camel subtitles.
22w45aAdded subtitles for chiseled bookshelves.
23w07aAdded "Pot shatters".
Added sniffer subtitles.
Added brush subtitles.
1.2023w12aAdded "Amethyst resonates", "Sniffer Egg cracks", "Sniffer Egg hatches", "Brushing Gravel", "Brushing Gravel completed", and "Brushing Sand".
Renamed subtitles.item.brush.brush_sand_completed to subtitles.item.brush.brushing.sand.complete, and changed it from "Brushing sand completed" to "Brushing Sand completed".[79]
Renamed subtitles.item.brush.brushing to subtitles.item.brush.brushing.generic.
23w14aAdded "Sign wobbles".[80]
Changed subtitles.entity.sniffer.egg_crack and subtitles.entity.sniffer.egg_hatch to subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_crack and subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_hatch.[81]
23w16aAdded "Sniffer plops".[82]
Changed subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_crack to subtitles.block.sniffer_egg.crack and subtitles.block.sniffer.egg_hatch to subtitles.block.sniffer_egg.hatch.[83]
Pre-release 1Changed "Enchanted book placed" to "Enchanted Book placed" and "Enchanted book taken" to "Enchanted Book taken".[84]
Changed "Leash knot breaks" to "Leash Knot breaks" and "Leash knot tied" to "Leash Knot tied".[85]
Upcoming Java Edition
1.20.223w31aAdded "Sponge sucks".
23w32aRemoved "Camel steps" (subtitles.entity.camel.step), "Camel sands" (subtitles.entity.camel.step_sand), "Drowned steps" (subtitles.entity.drowned.step), "Hoglin steps" (subtitles.entity.hoglin.step), "Llama steps" (subtitles.entity.llama.step), "Panda steps" (subtitles.entity.panda.step), "Piglin steps" (subtitles.entity.piglin.step), "Piglin Brute steps" (subtitles.entity.piglin_brute.step), "Ravager steps" (subtitles.entity.ravager.step), "Sniffer steps" (subtitles.entity.sniffer.step), "Warden steps" (subtitles.entity.warden.step), and "Zoglin steps" (subtitles.entity.zoglin.step).[2]

Neither April Fools' versions nor combat tests have any exclusive subtitles.


Issues relating to "Subtitles" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


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