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Stone is a block found underground in the Overworld or on the surface of mountains.


Stone can be mined using a pickaxe, in which case it drops cobblestone. When mined without a pickaxe, it drops nothing. If a stone is mined with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe, it drops itself.

Block Stone
Hardness 1.5
Breaking time[A]
Default 7.5
Wooden 1.15
Stone 0.6
Iron 0.4
Diamond 0.3
Netherite 0.25
Golden 0.2
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds. For more information, see Breaking § Speed.

Natural generation[]

Stone makes up the majority of the solid blocks generated in the Overworld above y=0. From y=8 downwards, stone gradually transitions into deepslate, until it is completely replaced by deepslate at and below y=0.

When chunks generate, stone can be found under 1-5 layers of grass blocks, dirt, gravel, clay, coarse dirt, podzol, mycelium, sand, sandstone, red sand, red sandstone or terracotta, depending on the biome.

When the world is generating new chunks, some stone is replaced with ore features of other blocks. They may also be revealed on the side of small hills.

Stone also generates in igloo basements, some Overworld ruined portals, and in trail ruins.

Stone also makes up most of the blocks on the void start platform, in Superflat worlds created with the Void biome preset.‌[Java Edition only]

Chest loot[]

Item Structure Container Quantity Chance
Java Edition
Stone Village Mason's chest 1 37.7%
Bedrock Edition
Stone Village Mason's chest 1 37.7%


Stone generator

A simple stone generator.

Stone can also be made by lava flowing on top of water blocks (both flowing and source). The water is replaced by stone.


Stone can be smelted from cobblestone.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Cobblestone +
Any fuel




Silverfish can enter and hide in stone, creating an infested block.

Smelting ingredient[]

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe
Smooth Stone Stone +
Any fuel


Crafting ingredient[]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Redstone Comparator Redstone Torch +
Nether Quartz +

Redstone Repeater Redstone Torch +
Redstone Dust +

Stone Button Stone

Stone Pressure Plate Stone

Stone Bricks Stone
Stone Slab Stone
Stone Stairs Stone
Stonecutter Iron Ingot +

Can use stone only, no variants.‌[Java Edition only]
Stonecutter Iron Ingot +

Can use stone and its three other variants interchangeably.‌[Bedrock Edition only]


Ingredients Cutting recipe


Apprentice-level stone mason villagers offer to buy 20 stone for an emerald.

Note Blocks[]

Stone can be placed under note blocks to produce "bass drum" sounds.


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Block brokenBlocksOnce the block has brokenblock.stone.breaksubtitles.block.generic.break1.00.816
Block placedBlocksWhen the block is placedblock.stone.placesubtitles.block.generic.place1.00.816
Block breakingBlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenblock.stone.hitsubtitles.block.generic.hit0.250.516
None[sound 1]Entity-DependentFalling on the block with fall damageblock.stone.fallNone[sound 1]0.50.7516
FootstepsEntity-DependentWalking on the blockblock.stone.stepsubtitles.block.generic.footsteps0.151.016
  1. a b MC-177082

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
BlocksOnce the block has brokendig.stone1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhen the block is placeddig.stone1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenhit.stone0.370.5
PlayersFalling on the block with fall damagefall.stone0.41.0
PlayersWalking on the blockstep.stone0.31.0
PlayersJumping from the blockjump.stone0.121.0
PlayersFalling on the block without fall damageland.stone0.221.0

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierFormBlock tagsTranslation key
StonestoneBlock & Itembase_stone_overworld

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormItem ID[i 1]Translation key
Stonestone1Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.stone.stone.name
  1. ID of block's direct item form, which is used in savegame files and addons.
  2. Available with /give command.
  3. The block's direct item form has the same id as the block.

Block states[]

See also: Block states

Bedrock Edition:

NameMetadata Bits Default value Allowed valuesValues for
Metadata Bits
stone stone0Stone
granite_smooth2Polished Granite
diorite_smooth4Polished Diorite
andesite_smooth6Polished Andesite


Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-131655Stone JE1 Added stone.
Stone, along with grass, is one of the first two blocks in Minecraft.[1] This can be seen by its position in terrain.png and numeric block ID of 1.
The texture of stone is from one of Notch's previous games, RubyDung.
rd-20090515Stone JE2 The texture of stone has been changed.
The old texture used for stone is recycled and modified for use by cobblestone.
Java Edition Classic
0.26 SURVIVAL TESTCreeper explosions no longer destroy stone or stone-like blocks.
Mining stone now drops cobblestone.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120100201-2A pickaxe is now required to mine stone.
20100202Stone can also be mined by hands other than the pickaxe.
20100219A pickaxe is now required to mine stone once again.
20100223Cobblestone is now smeltable into normal stone.
Java Edition Infdev
20100227-1Mining stone no longer drops cobblestone due to a glitch relating to all entities.
20100316Mining stone now drops cobblestone once again but when the player breaks a pickaxe, it does not.
20100617-2As cobblestone can be generated using water and lava, stone has become a renewable resource.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.1Stone can now be used to craft stone pressure plates (3 stone in slab fashion) and stone buttons (2 stone in the stick shape).
v1.0.4Java Edition logo 2 The logo has been changed by replacing cobblestone into stone.
v1.0.5_01The bug has been fixed when the player could break the pickaxe, it dropped nothing.
Java Edition Beta
1.3The stone slab recipe now uses 3 stone instead of cobblestone.
The stone pressure plate recipe now requires 2 stone instead of 3.
Stone can now be used to craft redstone repeaters.
1.8Pre-releaseStone JE3 Changed lighting.
Stone can now be crafted into stone bricks.
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseStone can now be made by having lava flow on top of water. In previous versions, the lava would replace the water and continue falling.
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5Stone JE4 The texture of stone has been changed slightly.
1.4.212w34bStone buttons are now crafted with only one stone.
12w38aStone blocks have been given new sounds for being walked on and mined.
1.513w01aStone can now be used to craft redstone comparators.
Stone can now be used to craft hoppers.
13w02aStone is no longer used to craft hoppers.
14w27bStone textures are now randomly mirrored and rotated 180 degrees, making large areas of stone look less uniform.
1.915w37aStone now generates in the newly added void start platforms.
15w43aStone now generates in igloo basements.
1.1418w43aStone JE5 move The texture of stone has been changed.
Stone can now be smelted into smooth stone.
18w44aStone JE6 The texture of stone has been changed, once again.
18w49aStone can now be found in chests in village mason houses.
19w04aStone can now be used to craft stonecutters.
19w11aStone is now bought by villagers of the new mason profession.
1.1620w16aStone now generates in some Overworld ruined portals.
1.1721w11aStone JE7 Changed lighting. Now it matches Bedrock Edition since v0.10.0 build 1.
1.1821w39aStone JE8 The default brightness has been changed from "Moody" to 50. Now it matches Bedrock Edition since alpha
1.2023w12aStone now generate in trail ruins.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseStone BE1 Added stone.
v0.2.0Stone BE2 The texture of stone has been changed.
v0.3.0Stone can now be used to craft stone slabs.
v0.3.3Stone BE3 Changed lighting.
v0.4.0Stone can now be used to craft stone bricks.
v0.9.0build 1Stone BE4 Changed lighting.
build 6Stone BE5 Changed lighting. Now it matches Java Edition since rd-20090515.
v0.10.0build 1Stone BE6 Changed lighting. It's slightly different from v0.9.0 build 1.
v0.12.1build 1Stone can now be obtained using pickaxes with the Silk Touch enchantment.
v0.13.0build 1Stone can now be used to craft stone buttons and pressure plates.
v0.14.0build 1Stone can now be used to craft redstone repeaters and redstone comparators.
Pocket Edition
1.1.0alpha BE7 The default brightness has been changed from 0 to 50.
Bedrock Edition
1.9.0beta can now be smelted into smooth stone.
Stone is now used to craft stone slabs and stairs.
1.10.0beta BE8 The texture of stone has been changed.
Stone can now be used to craft grindstones and stonecutters.
Stone mason villagers now buy 20-26 stone as part of their second tier trades.
1.11.0beta can now be found in village mason chests.
beta has been changed, apprentice-level stone mason villagers now buy 20 stone as part of their trades.
1.17.0beta is no longer used to repair stone tools and weapons on an anvil.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1Stone JE2[verify] Added stone.
1.90 Stone BE8 The texture of stone has been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Stone BE6 Added stone.

Data history[]

Java Edition
1.814w02aThe newly-implemented granite, andesite and diorite, as well as the polished versions for each, use stone's ID and are distinguished using metadata.
14w10aStone with numerical metadata variants 7 through 15, which are inaccessible through normal gameplay, now have no model Missing Model JE2 rather than appearing identical to stone.
14w25aStone and its variants are now defined via block states rather than by numerical metadata. Prior to this version, the numerical metadata variants of stone were as follows:
DV Description
0 Stone
1 Granite
2 Polished Granite
3 Diorite
4 Polished Diorite
5 Andesite
6 Polished Andesite
7-15 Inaccessible "boring" variants of stone
14w26aStone with metadata values 7 through 15 have now been completely removed from the game.
1.1317w47aThe different block states for the stone ID have been split up into their own IDs.
Prior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 1.


Issues relating to "Stone" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.



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