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A spring is a single unit of liquid that generates within the world, flowing out into spaces level with or lower than the source. There are three main categories of fluid springs.

Types of springs[]

Normal springs[]

A waterfall as viewed from inside a cave.

This most familiar type of spring can generate as either water or lava, and generate in the sides of stone surfaces. These are commonly encountered on the sides of cliffs, as well as inside caves. Lava springs are a common source of forest fires.

Normal springs do not generate above a certain altitude‌[until JE 1.18][more information needed] or Y=192.‌[upcoming: JE 1.18] If the Caves & Cliffs experimental gameplay toggle is enabled in Bedrock Edition, springs are unable to generate below Y=0, though runoff from them is able to flow below that height.

Ceiling springs[]

These types of springs are exclusive to the Nether, and generate only as lava. As their name implies, they generate on ceilings, and the liquid flows directly downwards from them. These are quite common sightings in the Nether, and the resultant lava spreading can sometimes make traversing terrain difficult.

Hidden lava[]

A hidden lava spring near a quartz ore blob.

Unlike the other types of springs, these are hidden from generation. These are particularly dangerous and care must be taken (like taking a Potion of Fire Resistance) when mining in the Nether, as they can be dangerous when uncovered.

Data values[]


NameResource location
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Java Edition Infdev
20100616-1Added springs.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0previewAdded the Nether, which contains ceiling springs.
Java Edition
1.513w02aAdded hidden lava in the Nether.
1.1721w08aNormal springs are now able to generate below Y=0.
21w15aNormal springs are no longer able to generate below Y=0.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Normal springs are able to generate below Y=0 once again.
experimental snapshot 5Water springs are now able to replace dirt and snow blocks.
Springs are now able to generate in lush caves.
experimental snapshot 6Water springs are slightly less common.
21w42aThe maximum Y-level of water spring generation has been changed to Y=192.
Water springs have been made slightly less common again.
Lava springs are now able to generate in mountains and snowy terrain.
Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.1.0Added springs.
v0.12.1build 1Added the Nether, which contains ceiling springs and hidden lava.