A Spider Eye is a poisonous food item added in Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 2. It is dropped by Spiders and Cave Spiders when killed but is not dropped when one has died from environmental damage (such as a mob grinder or trap). It is also dropped by Witches. It can be eaten by a player but it will poison them for four seconds, causing 4(HeartHeart) damage.


Spider Eyes can also be made into potions when added to a water bottle (into a brewing stand), it will make a Mundane Potion. The other possibility is a potion of Poison, which is created when a Spider Eye is mixed with an Awkward Potion.


As a crafting item, a spider eye can be mixed with a Mushroom and one Sugar to make a Fermented Spider Eye.


  • Despite the fact that the Spider Eye is poisonous and can be consumed to slightly replenish hunger, it will only harm a player's health instead of just a player's hunger, making it almost useless in terms of health regeneration.
    • It could even be used when one's health bar is down to a few hearts because poison cannot kill a player (it does not reduce health below half a heart).
  • Most Desert Temples have a Chest with spider eyes.
  • Although Spider Eyes can only produce negative effects for potions, they can be used as an attack when made into a Splash Potion (brewing Gunpowder into a potion will make it a Splash Potion).
  • Spider Eyes exist in the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft.

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