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15 June 2021

 m   07:47  Cactus‎‎ 3 changes history-4[NexaForX‎; FezEmerald‎; ConnerMiner‎]
07:47 (cur | prev) -16 ConnerMiner talk contribs Added the snapshot in which cacti were changed to allow signs and banners to be placed directly next to them.
04:09 (cur | prev) -20 NexaForX talk contribs Tag: Undo
03:28 (cur | prev) +32 FezEmerald talk contribs →‎History: moved files
     07:32  Smelting‎‎ 2 changes history0[‎;‎]
07:32 (cur | prev) +274 talk Undo revision 1966146 by (talk) Tag: Undo
07:28 (cur | prev) -274 talk /* Foods Tag: Visual edit
 m   02:47  Tutorials/Defeating a woodland mansion diffhist +33 LOALSRT talk contribs →‎Exploration checklist: Made a correction to the phrasing of sentences Tag: Visual edit
     01:46  Spider diffhist +15 Michaelstarwolf91 talk contribs Made the behavior section easier to read Tag: Visual edit
 m   00:21  Tutorials/Defeating a bastion remnant diffhist +72 Mennonite1 talk contribs Added bullet point under Hoglins section Tag: FandomMobile source edit

14 June 2021

     21:45  Enchanting diffhist -3 Algfish31 talk contribs →‎Enchanting table
 m   20:48  Tutorials/Advancement guide diffhist -225 JEC6789 talk contribs →‎Local Brewery
     20:38  Wolf diffhist +22 MinecraftRavagersYesLynnJrNo talk contribs →‎Spawning: Cute pups. Tag: Visual edit
 m   20:26  Tutorials/Combat diffhist -73 JEC6789 talk contribs →‎Drowned
     19:30  Module:ItemSprite diffhist +94 Capopanzo talk contribs Tag: Sprite edit
 m   19:17  Tutorials/Falling blocks diffhist +32 JEC6789 talk contribs Tag: Undo
     19:15  Tutorials/Mob grinder‎‎ 3 changes history+738[GoldenHelmet403‎ (3×)]
19:15 (cur | prev) +39 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Trident killer
19:13 (cur | prev) +123 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Trident killer: added reference for intended behavior
19:11 (cur | prev) +576 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Trident killer: explained more fully and removed redundant and outdated statements
 m   19:15  Tutorials/Defeating a dungeon diffhist -40 JEC6789 talk contribs →‎Aftermath
     18:40  Tutorials/Spawn jail diffhist +61 talk Added information about spawn radius (game rule) to help with the problem of spawn spanning a large radius.
     17:34  Blaze‎‎ 2 changes history0[‎;‎]
17:34 (cur | prev) +791 talk Undo revision 1965647 by (talk) Tag: Undo
17:34 (cur | prev) -791 talk →‎Behavior
     17:33  Tutorials/Defeating the ender dragon‎‎ 10 changes history+464[‎;‎ (9×)]
17:33 (cur | prev) +84 talk →‎Stronghold: Strongholds are expansive structures and you can get lost easily
17:27 (cur | prev) +105 talk →‎Optional items: Just a quick note to make trident users aware of the risk of losing the trident.
16:36 (cur | prev) +16 talk →‎Optional items: oops, I accidently forgot to add that you can get shulker shells from end cities
16:34 (cur | prev) +248 talk →‎Optional items: Tipped arrows do not need lingering potions from the dragon and can do a lot of damage.
16:27 (cur | prev) +135 talk →‎Optional items: Wood is needed for shulker chests and shulker chest prevent inventory clutter from raiding end cities
16:22 (cur | prev) +136 talk →‎Potions: Added potions of night vision because I find them very useful because they help me see better. I also re ordered the potions so the strength( which isn't manditory) is at the bottom.
14:18 (cur | prev) +10 talk →‎Potions: forgot to put "(optional)" in my last edit
14:16 (cur | prev) -271 talk →‎Potions: Potions of the turtle master are very hard to get( requiring 5 scutes) and are useless if you have diamond armor with slow falling potions. I would also suggest that you label potions of strength as optional because you can still defeat the ender dragon without them with ease. Also, potions of leaping and speed are also usless because you already have good enough mobility during the dragon fight so you won't need them
14:12 (cur | prev) +1 talk →‎Potions: It should be off the island, not "of the island
13:05 (cur | prev) 0 talk Corrected typo - pf changed to of Tags: Mobile edit, Visual edit
     17:09  Villager‎‎ 2 changes history+224[Thejoaqui777‎; ThanoSmellBad‎]
17:09 (cur | prev) -68 Thejoaqui777 talk contribs This is unneeded, but the other change is fine
16:30 (cur | prev) +292 ThanoSmellBad talk contribs →‎Behavior Tag: Visual edit
     17:04  Tutorials/Mob farm‎‎ 8 changes history+1,659[GoldenHelmet403‎ (8×)]
17:04 (cur | prev) +105 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Designs: rearranged several of the sections in a more orderly way, e.g. the observer farm section refers to the Java videos from the tower section. Also added yt link to a BE funnel farm.
16:51 (cur | prev) -256 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Turtle Eggs: Fixed grammar and made statements more succint. Removed statement about drops b/c drops are covered earlier on the page.
16:43 (cur | prev) +975 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Active mob displacement: added a paragraph on Bedrock Edition designs
16:23 (cur | prev) +13 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Sinkhole: mobs freezing their own AI at a range where active displacement would still move them does not exist in Bedrock Edition
16:15 (cur | prev) -4 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Designs: wording consistency Tag: Visual edit
16:15 (cur | prev) +15 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Designs: markup formatting
16:10 (cur | prev) +770 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Designs: corrected both the formula itself and the explanation of its significance, and added info about Bedrock Edition, caps, and efficiency
15:35 (cur | prev) +41 GoldenHelmet403 talk contribs →‎Drops: Drowned drop copper now, ravagers drop saddle only with player kill in BE Tag: Visual edit
     16:44  Tutorials/Breaking bedrock‎‎ 2 changes history+7[HaydenBobMutthew‎ (2×)]
16:44 (cur | prev) +5 HaydenBobMutthew talk contribs →‎Method 2
16:43 (cur | prev) +2 HaydenBobMutthew talk contribs →‎1.10-1.16+ Method
     16:15  Sign‎‎ 2 changes history0[SLScool‎; NotProliterallywhenisthisusernamefine‎]
16:15 (cur | prev) -87 SLScool talk contribs Duplicate of another line ("in Bedrock Edition, inappropriate words . . .") Tag: Undo
15:27 (cur | prev) +87 NotProliterallywhenisthisusernamefine talk contribs Tag: Visual edit
     14:29  Tutorials/Navigation diffhist +318 talk →‎Trail Markers: Watch the youtuber skip the tutorial to get a better idea of what I'm talking about( forgot which video)
     13:39  Tutorials/Obsidian farming diffhist +1,207 MentalMouse42 talk contribs cleaned up intro, noted 1.17 lava farming Tag: Visual edit
     13:17  Trident‎‎ 2 changes history-448[Amatulic‎ (2×)]
13:17 (cur | prev) -330 Amatulic talk contribs →‎Trivia: removed outdated trivia about trident killers
13:15 (cur | prev) -118 Amatulic talk contribs Undo revision 1965182 by (talk) - inline external link not needed, and trivia about an advancement is not needed here Tag: Undo
     12:38  Tutorials/Cobblestone farming diffhist +157 MentalMouse42 talk contribs →‎Components of a piston generator: restarting a smart piston Tag: Visual edit