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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

Spawn events allow you to spawn entities under certain event conditions. Spawn events are used in commands such as /summon and /event.

List of Spawn Events[]

Event Explanation Can be applied to
minecraft:entity_spawned Entity has spawned. arrow, axolotl, bee, cat, cave spider, chicken, command block minecart, cow, dolphin, donkey, drowned, enderman, ender dragon, ender pearl, fox, fishing hook, glow squid, goat, hoglin, hopper minecart, horse, husk, llama, magma cube, mooshroom, mule, ocelot, panda, parrot, pig, piglin, pillager, polar bear, pufferfish, rabbit, ravager, salmon, sheep, shulker, silverfish, skeleton, skeleton horse, slime, spider, squid, stray, strider, tnt minecart, tropical fish, turtle, villager, villager v2, vindicator, wither, wither skeleton, wolf, zoglin, zombie, zombie horse, zombified piglin, zombie villager, zombie villager v2
minecraft:ageable_grow_up Entity has grown up (entity is an adult). axolotl, bee, cat, chicken, cow, dolphin, donkey, fox, goat, hoglin, horse, llama, mooshroom, mule, ocelot, panda, pig, polar bear, sheep, turtle, villager, villager v2, wolf, zombie horse
minecraft:entity_born Entity has been born (entity is a baby). If entity is axolotl it will turn blue. axolotl, bee, cat, chicken, cow, donkey, fox, goat, hoglin, horse, llama, mooshroom, mule, ocelot, panda, pig, piglin, polar bear, rabbit, sheep, strider, turtle, villager, villager v2, wolf
minecraft:dried_out Entity has dried out. axolotl, dolphin
attack_cooldown_complete_event Entity has completed attack cooldown axolotl, goat, hoglin, piglin
seek_shelter Entity is seeking shelter bee
abort_sheltering Entity is no longer seeking shelter bee
countdown_to_pe-rish_event Countdown to entity perishing bee
perish_event Entity is perishing bee
attacked Entity is attacked bee
calmed_down Entity has calmed down bee
collected_nectar Entity has collected nectar bee
find_flower_timeout Timeout for entity finding flower bee
find_hive_event Entity has found hive bee
find_hive_timeout Timeout for entity finding hive bee
hive_destroyed Entity's hive has been destoyed bee
minecraft:exited_disturbed_hive Entity has exited a disturbed hive bee
minecraft:exited_hive Entity has exited hive bee
minecraft:exited_hive_on_fire Entity has exited hive that is on fire bee
minecraft:hive_full Entity's hive is full bee
stop_panicking_after_fire Entity has stopped panicking after fire bee
minecraft:spawn_from_village Entity has spawned from a village. cat, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_midnight_cat Entity has spawned black in color. cat
minecraft:on_tame Entity is tame. cat, donkey, horse, llama, mule, parrot, wolf
minecraft:pet_slept_with_owner Entity has slept with owner. cat
minecraft:cat_gifted_owner Entity has gifted the owner. cat
minecraft:become_hostile Entity is becoming hostile. cave spider, spider
minecraft:become_neutral Entity is becoming neutral. cave spider, spider
minecraft:become_angry Entity has become angry. cave spider, dolphin, enderman, llama, panda, polar bear, silverfish, spider, wolf, zombified piglin
minecraft:on_calm Entity is calm. cave spider, dolphin, enderman, llama, panda, polar bear, silverfish, spider, wolf, zombified piglin
from_egg Entity is from an egg. chicken
minecraft:command_block_activate Activates the command block from entity. command block minecart
minecraft:command_block_deactivate Deactivates the command block from entity. command block minecart
minecraft:entity_transformed Entity has transformed. cow, villager, villager v2, zoglin, zombified piglin, zombie villager, zombie villager v2,
minecraft:start_exploding_forced Entity has started to force explode. creeper
minecraft:start_exploding Entity has started to explode. creeper
minecraft:stop_exploding Entity has stopped exploding. creeper
minecraft:become_charged Entity has become charged. creeper
minecraft:stop_dryingout Entity is stopping to dry out. dolphin
minecraft:start_dryingout Entity is starting to dry out. dolphin
minecraft:navigation_on_land Entity is navigating on land. dolphin
minecraft:navigation_off_land Entity is navigating off land. dolphin
minecraft:on_chest Entity is wearing a chest. donkey, llama, mule
minecraft:donkey_saddled Entity is saddled. donkey
minecraft:donkey_unsaddled Entity is not saddled. donkey
minecraft:as_baby Entity is a baby. drowned, zombie, zoglin
minecraft:as_adult Entity is an adult. drowned, zombie, zoglin
minecraft:switch_to_melee Entity switches to melee. drowned
minecraft:switch_to_ranged Entity switches to ranged. drowned
minecraft:has_target Entity has a target. drowned
minecraft:lost_target Entity lost the target. drowned
minecraft:crystal_explode The entity explodes. ender crystal
minecraft:start_land Entity is starting to land. ender dragon
minecraft:start_fly Entity is starting to fly. ender dragon
minecraft:start_death Entity spawns dead. ender dragon
minecraft:spawn_for_raid Entity has spawned for a raid. evoker, pillager, ravager, vindicator, witch
minecraft:explode Exploding entity. fireball, wither skull
minecraft:fox_configure_thunderstorm Entity has thunderstorm behavior. fox
minecraft:fox_configure_day Entity has day behavior. fox
minecraft:fox_configure_night Entity has night behavior. fox
minecraft:ambient_normal Entity is displaying behavior for ambient normal. fox
minecraft:ambient_sleep Entity is displaying behavior for ambient sleep. fox
minecraft:ambient_night Entity is displaying behavior for ambient sleep. fox
minecraft:fox_configure_defending Entity is defending. fox
minecraft:fox_configure_docile_day Entity is docile (day). fox
minecraft:fox_configure_docile_night Entity is docile (night). fox
minecraft:born_default Entity spawn as a normal goat. goat
minecraft:born_screamer Entity spawn as a screaming goat. goat
minecraft:target_too_close The target is too close for the entity. guardian
minecraft:target_far_enough The target is far enough for the entity. guardian
spawn_adult_unhuntable Entity spawn as an unhuntable adult hoglin
escaped_event Entity has escaped hoglin
spawn_adult Entity spawns as an adult hoglin, piglin, strider
spawn_baby Entity spawns as a baby hoglin, piglin, strider
become_angry_event Entity has become angry hoglin, piglin
become_calm_event Entity has become calm hoglin, piglin
become_zombie_event Entity is transforming into zombified version hoglin, piglin
start_zombification_event Entity starts zombification hoglin, piglin
stop_zombification_event Entity stops zombification hoglin, piglin
minecraft:hopper_activate The entity spawns with an activated hopper. hopper minecart
minecraft:hopper_deactivate The entity spawns with a deactivated hopper. hopper minecart
minecraft:horse_saddled The entity is saddled. horse
minecraft:horse_unsaddled The entity is not saddled. horse
minecraft:make_white Makes the entity a white color. horse
minecraft:make_creamy Makes the entity a creamy color. horse
minecraft:make_chestnut Makes the entity a chestnut color. horse
minecraft:make_brown Makes the entity a brown color. horse
minecraft:make_black Makes the entity a black color. horse
minecraft:make_gray Makes the entity a gray color. horse
minecraft:make_darkbrown Makes the entity a darkbrown color. horse
minecraft:start_transforming Starts to transform the entity. husk, zombie
minecraft:stop_transforming Stops to transform the entity. husk, zombie
minecraft:convert_to_drowned Starts to transform the entity to a drowned. husk, zombie
minecraft:from_player The entity is from a player. iron golem
minecraft:from_village The entity is from a village. iron golem
minecraft:from_wandering_trader The entity is from a wandering trader. llama
minecraft:join_caravan The entity joins a caravan. llama
minecraft:leave_caravan The entity leaves a caravan. llama
minecraft:mad_at_wolf The entity is mad at a wolf. llama
minecraft:become_calm The entity becomes calm. magma cube, slime, spider, wandering trader
minecraft:become_aggresive The entity becomes aggressive. magma cube, slime
minecraft:become_cow The entity becomes a cow. mooshroom
minecraft:mule_saddled The entity is saddled. mule
minecraft:mule_unsaddled The entity is not saddled. mule
minecraft:entity_born_wild The entity is born wild. ocelot
minecraft:on_trust The entity is trusting. ocelot
minecraft:on_leash The entity is leashed. ocelot
minecraft:on_unleash The entity is unleashed. ocelot
minecraft:panda_lazy The entity is lazy. panda
minecraft:panda_worried The entity is worried. panda
minecraft:panda_playful The entity is playful. panda
minecraft:panda_brown The entity is brown. panda
minecraft:panda_weak The entity is weak. panda
minecraft:panda_aggressive The entity is aggressive. panda
minecraft:baby_on_calm The entity is a baby and calm. panda, polar bear
minecraft:become_zombie The entity becomes a zombie. pig, villager, villager v2
minecraft:on_saddled The entity is saddled. pig, strider
spawn_adult_no_hunting Entity spawns that won't hunt piglin
spawn_adult_melee Entity spawns as adult in melee mode piglin
spawn_adult_melee_no_hunting Entity spawns as adult in melee mode that won't hunt piglin
spawn_adult_ranged Entity spawn as adult in ranged mode piglin
spawn_adult_ranged_no_hunting Entity spawns as adult in ranged mode that won't hunt piglin
admire_item_started_event Entity starts admiring item piglin
admire_item_stopped_event Entity stops admiring item piglin
important_block_destroyed_event Entity has noticed an important block has been destroyed piglin
minecraft:spawn_as_patrol_follower The entity spawns as a patrol follower. pillager, vindicator
minecraft:spawn_as_illager_captain The entity spawns as an illager captain. pillager, vindicator
minecraft:promote_to_illager_captain The entity gets promoted to illager captain. pillager, vindicator
minecraft:promote_to_patrol_captain The entity gets promoted to patrol captain. pillager, vindicator
minecraft:melee_mode The entity goes into melee mode. pillager, skeleton, stray
minecraft:ranged_mode The entity goes into ranged mode. pillager, skeleton, stray
minecraft:gain_bad_omen The entity gains bad omen. player
minecraft:clear_add_bad_omen The entity stops getting bad omen. player
minecraft:trigger_raid The entity triggers a raid. player
minecraft:remove_raid_trigger The "trigger raid" event gets removed from the entity. player
minecraft:on_puff The entity gets puffed. pufferfish
minecraft:on_deflate The entity gets deflated. pufferfish
in_desert The entity spawns in a desert skin. rabbit
in_snow The entity spawns in a snow skin. rabbit
grow_up The entity spawns as an adult. rabbit
minecraft:spawn_for_raid_with_evoker_rider The entity spawns for a raid with an evoker rider. ravager
minecraft:spawn_for_raid_with_pillager_rider The entity spawns for a raid with a pillager rider. ravager
minecraft:spawn_with_pillager_rider The entity spawns with a pillager rider. ravager
minecraft:spawn_with_pillager_captain_rider The entity spawns with a pillager captain rider. ravager
minecraft:spawn_with_vindicator_rider The entity spawns with a vindicator rider. ravager
minecraft:spawn_with_vindicator_captain_rider The entity spawns with a vindicator captain rider. ravager
minecraft:become_stunned The entity becomes stunned. ravager
minecraft:start_roar The entity starts its roar. ravager
minecraft:end_roar The entity ends its roar. ravager
minecraft:on_sheared The entity is sheared. sheep, snowman
minecraft:on_eat_block The entity eats a block. sheep
wololo The entity spawns red. sheep
minecraft:turn_purple The entity turns purple. shulker
minecraft:turn_black The entity turns black. shulker
minecraft:turn_blue The entity turns blue. shulker
minecraft:turn_brown The entity turns brown. shulker
minecraft:turn_cyan The entity turns cyan. shulker
minecraft:turn_gray The entity turns gray. shulker
minecraft:turn_green The entity turns green. shulker
minecraft:turn_light_blue The entity turns light blue. shulker
minecraft:turn_lime The entity turns lime. shulker
minecraft:turn_magenta The entity turns magenta. shulker
minecraft:turn_orange The entity turns orange. shulker
minecraft:turn_pink The entity turns pink. shulker
minecraft:turn_red The entity turns red. shulker
minecraft:turn_silver The entity turns silver. shulker
minecraft:turn_white The entity turns white. shulker
minecraft:turn_yellow The entity turns yellow. shulker
minecraft:spring_trap The entity turns into a spring trap. skeleton, skeleton horse
minecraft:set_trap The entity sets a trap. skeleton horse
change_to_skeleton The entity changes to a skeleton. stray
spawn_adult_parent_jockey Entity is spawned as an adult with it's child riding it strider
spawn_adult_piglin_jockey Entity is spawned as an adult with a piglin riding it strider
spawn_zombified_piglin_rider Entity is spawned with a zombified piglin rider strider
start_suffocating Entity starts suffocating strider
stop_suffocating Entity stops suffocating strider
from_explosion The entity got triggered by an explosion. tnt
minecraft:on_prime The entity spawns primed. tnt minecart
minecraft:on_instant_prime The entity spawns instantly primed. tnt minecart
minecraft:become_anenonme The entity becomes an anenonme. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_black_tang The entity becomes a black tang. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_blue_dory The entity becomes a blue dory. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_butterfly_fish The entity becomes a butterfly fish. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_cichlid The entity becomes a cichlid. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_clownfish The entity becomes a clownfish. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_cc_betta The entity becomes a cc betta. tropicalfish
minecraft:become_dog_fish The entity becomes a dog fish. tropical fish
minecraft:become_e_red_snapper The entity becomes a e red snapper. tropical fish
minecraft:become_goat_fish The entity becomes a goat fish. tropical fish
minecraft:become_moorish_idol The entity becomes a moorish idol. tropical fish
minecraft:become_ornate_butterfly The entity becomes an ornate butterfly. tropical fish
minecraft:become_parrot_fish The entity becomes a parrot fish. tropical fish
minecraft:become_queen_angel_fish The entity becomes a queen angel fish. tropical fish
minecraft:become_red_cichlid The entity becomes a red cichlid. tropical fish
minecraft:become_red_lipped_benny The entity becomes a red lipped benny. tropical fish
minecraft:become_red_snapper The entity becomes a red snapper. tropical fish
minecraft:become_threadfin The entity becomes a threadfin. tropical fish
minecraft:become_tomato_clown The entity becomes a tomato clown. tropical fish
minecraft:become_triggerfish The entity becomes a triggerfish. tropical fish
minecraft:become_yellow_tang The entity becomes a yellow tang. tropical fish
minecraft:become_yellow_tail_parrot The entity becomes a yellow tail parrot. tropical fish
minecraft:become_pregnant The entity becomes pregnant. turtle
minecraft:go_lay_egg The entity goes to lay an egg. turtle
minecraft:laid_egg The entity laid an egg. turtle
become_witch The entity becomes a witch. villager, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_farmer The entity spawns as a farmer. villager, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_librarian The entity spawns as a librarian. villager, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_cleric The entity spawns as a cleric. villager, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_armorer The entity spawns as an armorer. villager, villager v2
minecraft:spawn_butcher The entity spawns as a butcher. villager, villager v2
minecraft:become_cleric The entity becomes a cleric. villager, villager v2, zombie villager, zombie villager v2
minecraft:become_unskilled The entity becomes unskilled. villager v2
minecraft:become_farmer The entity becomes a farmer. villager v2
minecraft:become_fisherman The entity becomes a fisherman. villager v2
minecraft:become_fletcher The entity becomes a fletcher. villager v2
minecraft:become_librarian The entity becomes a librarian. villager v2
minecraft:become_cartographer The entity becomes a cartographer. villager v2
minecraft:become_armorer The entity becomes an armorer. villager v2
minecraft:become_weaponsmith The entity becomes a weaponsmith. villager v2
minecraft:become_toolsmith The entity becomes a toolsmith. villager v2
minecraft:become_butcher The entity becomes a butcher. villager v2
minecraft:become_leatherworker The entity becomes a leatherworker. villager v2
minecraft:become_sheperd The entity becomes a shepherd. villager v2
minecraft:become_mason The entity becomes a mason. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_wander_villager The entity schedules a wander villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_gather_villager The entity schedules a gather villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_home_villager The entity schedules a home villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_bed_villager The entity schedules a bed villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_play_villager The entity schedules a play villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_work_pro_villager The entity schedules a work pro villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_work_farmer The entity schedules a work farmer villager. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_work_fisher The entity schedules a work fisher. villager v2
minecraft:schedule_work_librarian The entity schedules a work librarian. villager v2
minecraft:resupply_trades The entity resupplies its trades. villager v2
minecraft:become_aggro The entity becomes aggro. vindicator
minecraft:stop_aggro The entity stops being aggro. vindicator
minecraft:start_johnny The entity starts being johnny. vindicator
minecraft:stop_johnny The entity stops being johnny. vindicator
minecraft:scheduled The entity schedules. wandering trader
minecraft:start_despawn The entity starts despawning. wandering trader
minecraft:become_scared The entity becomes scared. wandering trader
minecraft:ageable_set_baby The entity is a baby. wolf
villager_converted The entity gets converted to a villager. zombie villager, zombie villager v2