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Sounds are an auditory output of the game intended to communicate the happening of certain events. Different objects like mobs, weapons or blocks have sounds.

On the Java Edition of the game, the sounds can be accessed by using the following steps:

Go to .minecraft/assets/indexes. The path to the .minecraft directory can vary depending on your operating system.

  1. Open the file titled with the version of the game you want to get the sounds from.
  2. Press ctrl/⌘+F and search for what you think that the sound could be called.
  3. After the path to the sound, it should say a hash value.
  4. Back in .minecraft/assets go to objects, and then the first 2 characters of the hash value.
  5. Open the file titled with the hash value using any application that can play .ogg files.



Mood is a special group of sounds that play after a internal counter reaches 100% visible on the F3 menu only activating when the player is in light level 0


Up to 520 sounds can be played at once but General sounds only can take 512 slots with mood slots taking the remaining 8 slots

Element Data[]

Sound is comprised of many data values but the core values are; The reference to the actual file, the vector of its location and Sound Group. The player determines what side the sound came from relative to the camera and the volume it should be at



The narrator will speak everything on screen with the intention of assisting blind players, It is ill advised to use the narrator unless you actually need it to play.

Display Sound[]

Adds a tiny UI piece that shows what sounds are around and their orientation relative to the camera with arrows, Its intention is for deaf persons to not be at a extreme disadvantage but can be used for a regular player to know where sounds came from.


  • You can find the "OOF" sound effect at .minecraft/assets/objects/9d/9d485556b89bf776042080774679c37300bc744b
  • Mood Sounds can have at least 8 playing at one time that adds on to the limit of sounds that can be played