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Sounds are auditory outputs of the game intended to communicate the happening of certain events, as well as create atmosphere. Different objects such as mobs, weapons or blocks have sounds.



Mood is a special group of sounds that play after an internal counter reaches 100% visible on the debug screen only activating when the player is in light level 0.


In Java Edition, up to 255 sounds can be played at once but general sounds only can take 247 slots, with mood slots taking the remaining 8 slots. In Bedrock Edition, up to 32 sounds can be played at the same time.[1]


Sounds can be played and stopped with the /playsound and /stopsound commands.

Global sound events[]

Although most sounds in Minecraft can only be heard up to 16 blocks away from the source, some events produce sounds that can be heard by all players regardless of their distance to the source of sound. These include:

In Java Edition, these global sound events can be disabled by setting the game rule globalSoundEvents to false.



Main article: Narrator

The narrator will speak everything on screen with the intention of assisting blind players.


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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 
Main article: Subtitles

Displays text for in-game sounds in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Also adds arrows next to the sounds that show the general direction that the sound came from. It allows deaf people to not be at an extreme disadvantage, as well as to aid other players in knowing where sounds came from. Subtitles can be toggled in the Music & Sounds and Accessibility Settings option menus.

Data values[]

Main article: Sound events

All sound events have names, such as "block.stone.hit" ‌[Java Edition only] or "step.stone" ‌[Bedrock Edition only].


Java Edition Classic
June 4, 2009C418 uploaded a mockup video on June 4, 2009, showcasing his sound design for the game dubbed over footage of this version. This is not a developer version; the video is edited.
0.0.22aAdded sounds.[4][5][6][7]
0.0.23aAdded options for turning on/off sounds and music.
Java Edition Indev
0.31 20100104Added a new sound engine made by Paul Lamb.[8]
20100207-1Switched sound system to use OpenAL.[9]
Java Edition Alpha
v1.1.1Added sliders for the volume of sounds and music.
v1.1.2_01Due to a change in how Minecraft downloads its resources, this is the oldest version in which sounds work using the modern Minecraft Launcher.
Java Edition
1.4.212w38bUpdated the sound engine.
1.6.1releaseAdded /playsound.
1.7.213w36aReplaced the sounds volume slider with sliders for juke boxes and note blocks, hostile mobs, passive mobs, players, weather, blocks, ambient/environment, and the master volume.
13w42aRewrote the sound system.
Added the ability for custom sounds using resource packs.
1.7Music now pauses while the game is paused.
1.915w43bAdded subtitles.
16w02aAdded the "Voice/Speech" volume slider.
1.9.3pre2Added /stopsound.
1.1419w12aRewrote the sound system.
19w14aAdded a new sounds section to the debug screen.
1.1922w11aAdded the "Directional Audio" option, which allows for more accurate 3D sound on HRTF-compatible software.
1.19.322w44aAdded the game rule globalSoundEvents.
1.2023w12aStep sounds can now combine for blocks walked through and stepped on.
23w18aWalking on non-solid blocks with no collision no longer plays their walking sounds.[10]
Walking on the edge of a block now properly plays step sounds for that block.[11]
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseAdded sounds.[12]
v0.1.2Added a toggle for sounds.
v0.7.0Added a volume slider.
v0.12.1Updated the sound engine to allow for multiple sounds.
Pocket Edition
1.0.4alpha and sounds can now be changed using resource packs.
1.0.5alpha /playsound and /stopsound.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta sound events to the scripting API.
1.12.0beta effects can now be triggered by animation events.
1.16.100beta /music.
1.16.200beta volume sliders for other sound categories.
1.20.10beta positioning is now based on the camera's position, rather than the player's position and rotation. This means that audio is flipped when in the third-person front view.


  • In Java Edition, The "OOF" sound effect can be found at .minecraft/assets/objects/9d/9d485556b89bf776042080774679c37300bc744b if the player has used a version with that sound.



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