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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

The Social Interactions screen is a graphical interface used to disable chatting with certain players.


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By default, the Social Interactions screen is opened by pressing P. It can also be opened by clicking on the “Player Reporting” button on the pause menu in multiplayer games. The "All" tab lists all players, the "Hidden" tab shows players whose chat messages are hidden, and the "Blocked" tab shows players blocked using their Microsoft account. Social Interactions are only available in multiplayer worlds.

Player Reporting[]

Players can be reported for sending abusive messages. Reporting a player is unavailable if the server cannot verify chat messages.


Java Edition
1.16.4Pre-release 1Added the social interactions screen.
Pre-release 2Added the "Blocked" tab to the social interactions screen.
The status of a player is now listed below their name on the Social Interactions screen.
Realms invites from blocked players are now hidden.
The textures of a few UI elements on the social interactions screen has been changed or removed.
1.19.122w24aPlayers can now be reported for sending abusive messages in the chat using the social interactions screen.
The social interactions screen can now be accessed using the pause menu in multiplayer via a "Player Reporting" button.

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