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This article is about Minecraft data collection. For type of fish, see Tropical Fish § Varieties.
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Example Snooper Settings Page

Snooper is a feature Mojang is using to collect data on users, either by the Client or by the Server. This feature was removed in 1.13 globally because of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations.[1] However, it was re-added in Java Edition 1.18 snapshot 21w38a to "find where the biggest problems in the game were".[citation needed]


Client Fields (C)[]

Name Type Notes
client_brand String
cpu_cores integer
current_action String
display_frequency integer
display_type String `windowed` or `fullscreen`
endianness String `big` or `little` endianness
fps integer
gl_max_texture_size integer
java_version String
jvm_arg[...] String Launch arguments
jvm_args integer Number of launch arguments
launched_version String
memory_free integer
memory_max integer
memory_total integer
opengl_vendor String
opengl_version String
os_architecture String
os_name String Does not include Linux distribution name in most cases.
os_version String
resource_packs integer
run_time integer
snooper_partner UUID
snooper_token UUID
version String
vsync_enabled boolean

Server Fields (S)[]

GL Caps[]

OpenGL keys for the client.


Java Edition
1.3.112w30aAdded Snooper.
1.7.413w48aUpgraded protocol to version 2.
1.1318w21aForce turned Snooper off. The menu was still visible, but the button was disabled.
1.1419w11aRemoved Snooper UI. [more information needed]
1.1821w38aRe-added Snooper, but without its UI.