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The sky is a visual feature of Minecraft worlds. It changes color depending on the time of day and other factors, and contains visual features such as the sun, moon and stars.

While visually and functionally related, the sky is distinct from fog, which can be considered its horizontal equivalent in cases. Like with fog, the sky's color can be changed depending on the current biome.

The sky is an exclusive element of the minecraft:overworld dimension effect.


Biome Color
Badlands Plateau
Eroded Badlands
Modified Badlands Plateau
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau
Wooded Badlands Plateau
Desert Hills
Desert Lakes
Nether Wastes
Soul Sand Valley
Crimson Forest
Warped Forest
Basalt Deltas

Shattered Savanna
Savanna Plateau
Shattered Savanna Plateau
Stony Peaks[upcoming: 1.18]

Jungle Hills
Modified Jungle
Bamboo Jungle
Bamboo Jungle Hills
Jungle Edge
Modified Jungle Edge
Mushroom Fields
Mushroom Field Shore

Sunflower Plains
Dripstone Caves
Swamp Hills

Flower Forest
Wooded Hills
Dark Forest
Dark Forest Hills

Birch Forest
Birch Forest Hills
Tall Birch Forest
Tall Birch Hills

Deep Ocean
Warm Ocean
Deep Warm Ocean
Lukewarm Ocean
Deep Lukewarm Ocean
Cold Ocean
Deep Cold Ocean
Deep Frozen Ocean
Lush Caves
The Void
Meadow[upcoming: 1.18]

Giant Tree Taiga
Giant Tree Taiga Hills

Taiga Hills
Taiga Mountains
Giant Spruce Taiga
Giant Spruce Taiga Hills

Mountain Edge
Gravelly Mountains
Gravelly Mountains+
Wooded Mountains
Stone Shore

Snowy Tundra
Snowy Mountains
Ice Spikes
Frozen Ocean
Frozen River
Snowy Beach

Grove[upcoming: 1.18]
Snowy Slopes[upcoming: 1.18]
Snowy Taiga
Snowy Taiga Hills
Snowy Taiga Mountains

Jagged Peaks[upcoming: 1.18]
Frozen Peaks[upcoming: 1.18]

The End
Small End Islands
End Barrens
End Midlands
End Highlands



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