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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition. 

The seed templates (or seed picker prior to Bedrock Edition 1.19.0) is an interface in Bedrock Edition that allows the player to choose from a number of preset seeds for generating worlds with specific interesting features near the spawn point.


To get to the seed template interface, from the "Worlds" tab in the initial menu, select "Create New", then "Create New World". Go to the "Advanced" section, and next to the "Seed" input field, there is an button named "Templates". Clicking on this button opens the seed templates. The seed template shows a scroll-able region of named thumbnails to browse the preset seeds. Clicking on a thumbnail returns to the "Create New World" page with the applicable seed filled in.

Preset seeds[]

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In the table below, the spawn point is not always the same every time a world is generated, varying by a few blocks in any direction. The preset seeds are:

World name Seed Spawn point Spawn biome and
Features within 1000 blocks Notes Sign
Preset abandoned village1

Abandoned Village

-1834063422 -224,64,208 Desert, surrounded by savanna, river, warm ocean, forest Replaced previous Abandoned Village seed in 1.18, with the village being replaced with desert variant. Allowed
Bamboo Forest

Bamboo Forest

835314931 Bamboo jungle and stony shore, surrounded by lukewarm ocean, jungle and dark forest Replaced previous Bamboo Forest seed in 1.18. Allowed
Coastal Village

Coastal Village

-1251937210 964,64,4 Beach, surrounded by ocean, lukewarm ocean, deep ocean, river, plains, forest

Mineshaft 47 blocks SSW
Buried treasure 94 blocks NE
Village 167 blocks SE
Ruined Portal 196 blocks WSW and 495 blocks E
Ocean ruins 230 blocks NW
Shipwreck 324 blocks WSW
Desert pyramid 797 blocks SSE
Pillager outpost 860 blocks SW
Strongholds 958 blocks SSW
and 737 blocks SE
Jungle pyramid 965 blocks WNW

Four villages are arranged in roughly a 350×350 block square with the coastal village in the northwest corner, and an abandoned village over a stronghold in the southeast corner (not directly accessible from village well; but 7 blocks east of it). Two more villages (one is abandoned) separated north-south by 300 blocks are located 830 blocks WNW from the spawn point. Allowed
Preset cherry grove

Cherry Grove

5890866665536842607 Cherry Grove

Trail Ruins

Preset deep dark

Deep Dark

-6778246788154565662 Deep dark underneath a wooded badlands

Ancient City

Desert Village

Desert Village

1738801 Desert


Epic Jungle

Epic Jungle

442812649 Forest and stony shore, surrounded by jungle and savanna Replaced previous Epic Jungle seed in 1.18. Allowed
Forest Glade

Forest Glade

1246877709 Allowed
Preset jagged peaks

Jagged Peaks

297 Jagged Peaks, grove, and snowy slopes Allowed
Preset lush caves

Lush Caves

-1597699456 Lush Caves below, with dark forest and old growth birch forest on the surface Allowed
Preset mangrove swamp

Mangrove Swamp

8531363911024590720 Savanna, surrounded by mangrove swamp, plains, swamp, and forest Allowed
Mesa Plateau

Mesa Plateau

288858475 Beach, surrounded by plains and warm ocean, with vast badlands to the west, ice-covered cold ocean to the east

Buried treasure 161 blocks NE
Ocean ruins 293 blocks SSE
Mineshaft 351 blocks ENE
Shipwreck 372 blocks S
Monument 601 blocks ESE
Village 833 blocks WSW

Spawn point is the edge of a beach on a small plains island across a river from the mainland. The badlands include wooded badlands plateau and badlands plateau. Allowed
Mushroom Island

Mushroom Island

3903589 128,67,28 Plains island and beach, surrounded by ocean, warm ocean, deep ocean, with mushroom fields to the southwest

Buried treasure 75 blocks ENE
Ruined Portal 92 blocks WSW
Mineshafts 115 blocks ENE
and 327 blocks SW
Shipwreck 281 blocks WNW
Ocean ruins 351 blocks NW
Village 839 blocks SSW

Spawn point is on a small island a short swim to a mushroom island with a ruined portal on its shore. There is an abandoned mineshaft deep under the center of the mushroom island, free of hostile mobs. Good for safe exploration in survival mode.

A similar mushroom island generates near the spawn point from seed 365930938.

Ocean Monument Ahead

Ocean Monument Ahead

2052062 -8,64,-1

Ocean monument 95 blocks SSE
Mineshaft 237 blocks ENE
Ruined portal 469 blocks NW
Buried treasure 470 blocks ENE
Shipwreck 488 blocks W
Village 622 blocks NW
Ocean ruins 684 blocks WNW
Pyramid 873 blocks N

Replaced seed -513070979 in 1.18. The player spawns on a gravel beach with the monument visible underwater a short distance away. Allowed
Outpost Ahead

Outpost Ahead


Pillager outpost

Snowy Village

Snowy Village

-321707274 864,71,28 Plains, surrounded by beach, cold ocean, snowy plains

Buried treasure 59 blocks ENE
Ocean ruins 63 blocks WSW
Village 235 blocks ESE
Mineshaft 252 blocks SSE
Shipwreck 439 blocks NE
Stronghold 719 blocks SE
Witch hut + 2 witches 911 blocks SW

The spawn point is on an island, and the village is a short distance away on the mainland. Allowed
Spooky Mansion

Spooky Mansion

165605352 Dark forest

Woodland mansion

A rare seed that generates a mansion below the spawn point. Allowed
Stronghold Below

Stronghold Below

22061 1024,63,16 Desert, Plains, Snow Tundra, Snowy Taiga


Snow Village

Trial Chamber Within Village Stronghold

Zombie Dungeon in Stronghold

Skeleton Dungeon in nearby caves

Since 1.11. Replaced Stronghold Village after new world-generation algorithm reduced the chance of spawning strongholds. There is a second stronghold village at 1400, 70, 500. Allowed
Sunflower Field

Sunflower Field

2021551997 480,74,4 Taiga, surrounded by windswept hills, sunflower plains, plains

Mineshaft 108 blocks S
Stronghold 510 blocks ESE
Village 517 blocks ESE
and 635 blocks SW
Witch hut 931 blocks NW

Player spawns on a tree at the border of taiga and extreme hills. The nearest village has a stronghold below, not too deep (highest point is at depth 48). Large-ish snowy floating island with cows 373 blocks WNW. Allowed
Survival Island

Adventure Island

-1671764014 1272,88,4 Plains, surrounded by beach and warm ocean

Ocean ruins 80 blocks NW
Shipwreck 115 blocks WNW
Ruined Portal (on ocean floor) 137 blocks SSE
Mineshaft 183 blocks NNW
Buried treasure 272 blocks N
Ocean monument 584 blocks W
Village 903 blocks N

The player spawns in an oak tree on a small plain on top of a tall island with steep sand cliffs, populated by sheep and spiders. There are two small desert islands to the north and two more to the south. The island directly north has buried treasure, turtles, and cows. Allowed
Taiga Bay

Taiga Bay

1371621129 Allowed
Taiga Village

Taiga Village



Winding River

Winding River

-1674197430 188,64,4 Forest, river, birch forest, and windswept hills

Ruined Portal 102 blocks SE (underground)
Ocean Ruins 173 blocks NNE
Shipwreck 183 blocks NW
Mineshaft 308 blocks SSE
Buried treasure 578 blocks WNW
Village 646 blocks SW
Ocean Monument 940 blocks NNW

The nearby shipwreck is complete and in shallow water, with the top of a mast above the water surface. The treasure map points to the nearby buried treasure, which is exposed in the wall of a vertical cave. Allowed

Discontinued presets[]

Seeds in the seed templates are discontinued when changes in the world generating algorithms cause the seed to appear differently.

Starting in Bedrock Edition 1.10.0, strongholds have less chance of spawning under a village, and with Bedrock Edition 1.11.0, generated structures such as villages and temples spawn at different locations from previous editions. Therefore, the stronghold near the spawn point disappeared from the "Stronghold Village" seed, and there is no longer a village nearby in most seeds that were named for a village.

In Bedrock Edition 1.17.40, several seeds were removed in preparation for the Caves & Cliffs update (Bedrock Edition 1.18), because they were made obsolete by the introduction of significant changes in the terrain generation algorithm.[1] Most of these worlds were restored to the seed templates in 1.18 with new seed values.

Discontinued seeds:

  • Abandoned Village: -1834063422 — introduced in 1.11, replaced with new seed in 1.18.
  • Bamboo Forest: 17780408620 — introduced in 1.11, discontinued in 1.17.40, replaced with new seed in 1.18.
  • Cliffside Village: -334399639 — a swamp village that was also spawned on the cliffs, along with a swamp hut within a 100 meter range between both the player spawn and the village, which no longer appears since 1.11.
  • Epic Cliffs: -736548993 — a Pocket Edition "Amplified Map", discontinued in 1.11.
  • Desert Village: 1136332378 — introduced in 1.11, discontinued in 1.17.40.
  • Epic Jungle: -730362160 — introduced in 1.11, discontinued in 1.17.40.
  • Forest Glade: 1537846859 — introduced in 1.11, used to be presented in Minecraft Trial. Large abandoned village 1181 blocks NNE from spawn point, well populated with farms and livestock. No longer appears since Bedrock Edition 1.18.0.
  • Ice Spikes Village: 1410403532 — frigid area of ice spikes near a spruce-wood forest. There is an igloo at (63, 64, 173), and it has a basement, but it's bugged. The villager/zombie villager may not be there, as there is stone where they are supposed to spawn, thus suffocating them to death. Replaced by Snowy Village in 1.11.
  • Jungle Temple: 1558083136 — Mass vegetation encircling a jungle temple. Replaced by Epic Jungle in 1.11.
  • Mountain View Village: 1474137368 — a village in a Taiga-Forest landscape with a distant mountain view. There's a dungeon (with a zombie spawner and two chests) centermost in the village, which no longer appears since 1.11.
  • Outpost Ahead: 190800072: — introduced in 1.11. The outpost is on a separate island than spawn. Discontinued in 1.17.40.
  • Savanna Island: -560637684 — a seed for challenging island survival. Discontinued in 1.11.
  • Snow Day: -1237332647 — old seed that existed prior to 1.9.
  • Spooky Mansion: -396676922 — introduced in 1.11. A rare seed that generates a mansion a short walk from the spawn point. Discontinued in 1.17.40, then replaced with a new seed value in 1.18.
  • Stronghold Village: -1804478546 — a village concealing a stronghold at least 20 meters below, with a nearby village about 150 blocks away. Withdrawn in 1.10, replaced by Stronghold Below after the 1.11 update.
  • Survival Islands: 2189910 — a succession of islands primed for survival. Replaced by Survival Island (singular not plural) after the 1.11 update.
  • Taiga Bay: 805966260 — player spawns near a river, surrounded by different taiga biome variations. The nearest igloo has no ladder shaft underneath. Discontinued in 1.17.40, replaced with new seed value in 1.18.
  • Vast Desert Oasis: 961601796 — A large desert surrounding a small-scale savanna. Since 1.11, a village generates in the desert near the spawn point, as well as in the small savanna. Discontinued in 1.11.
    • Village Island: -1060246543 — A village island with 2 or 3 villages overlapping on a small island with minimal forests, encircled by a large sea. The village no longer appears since 1.11. Note: The village houses and farms that genearate spawn in a weird state, with many houses overlapping, and farms cutting off the houses.


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Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha the seed picker with six seeds.
1.1.0Added 12 more seeds.
Bedrock Edition
1.11.0beta 6 seeds from the prior list.
1.12.0beta 10 more seeds.
1.13.0beta the Savannah Village seed with "Abandoned Village".
1.17.40Removed for the Bamboo Forest, Desert Village, Epic Jungle, Ocean Monument Ahead, Outpost Ahead, Spooky Mansion, Sunflower Field, and Taiga Bay.
1.18.10Updated the seed picker to reflect changes in 1.18.0.
1.18.30beta to seed template and updated the UI in the new Create New World screen, which is only accessible to a few players.
1.19.0Added 2 more seeds.
?Renamed "Seed Picker" to "Seed Templates"
1.20.0Added 1 new seed.


Old images of presets: (Notice how some of the older seeds, such as Epic Cliffs and Stronghold Village have the old textures, and/or old village types.)


  1. "Caves & Cliffs Part II: Bedrock Seed Picker Submissions Thread" – Minecraft Feedback, October 27, 2021.