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The sculk family is a set of "alien-looking blocks with unique properties".[1] These blocks appear exclusively within the deep dark. With the exception of sculk veins all sculk blocks drop only experience when broken with a tool that is not enchanted with Silk Touch.

  • Sculk Sculk, a block found abundantly in the deep dark. Drops 1 experience.
  • Sculk Catalyst Sculk Catalyst, a block that converts blocks around it to blocks in the sculk family (except for more sculk catalysts) when a mob that drops experience dies nearby. Drops 5 experience.
  • Sculk Sensor Sculk Sensor, a block that detects vibrations and outputs a redstone signal as well as triggering nearby sculk shriekers. Drops 5 experience.
    • Calibrated Sculk Sensor Calibrated Sculk Sensor, a variant of the sculk sensor that can be set to react to only a specific type of vibration.
  • Sculk Shrieker Sculk Shrieker, a block that "shrieks" if a player stands on it or triggers a nearby sculk sensor, which if the sculk shrieker in question was created at world generation, may cause the emergence of a warden. Drops 5 experience.
  • Sculk Vein Sculk Vein, a non-solid block found in the deep dark, and the only one that does not drop experience when broken.
  • Warden Warden, a hostile mob that emerges with the fourth activation of a natural sculk shrieker. Has the highest health and melee damage of all mobs, and can attack with ranged piercing sonic boom attacks if necessary, but is completely blind and relies on vibrations and smell to identify players and mobs to attack.


  • Sculk Growth, the mechanic that allows sculk catalyst to create more sculk family blocks.




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