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Sculk is a set of organisms that appear exclusively in the Deep Dark and may refer to:

  • Sculk BE1.gif Sculk - A block that drops experience.
  • Sculk Catalyst BE1.png Sculk Catalyst - A block that can generate other sculk blocks, and works as a way to store experience from mob deaths.
  • Sculk Sensor JE1 BE2.gif Sculk Sensor - A block that detects vibrations and communicates them with certain sculk components, or transforms them to redstone signals.
  • Sculk Shrieker BE1.gif Sculk Shrieker - A block that "shrieks" and can summon a warden if it "shrieks" too many times.
  • Sculk Vein BE1.gif Sculk Vein - A decorative block.


  • Warden.png Warden - An extremely powerful planned mob designed to be avoided and fled from that is made out of sculk.


  • "Sculk" is derived from the word "skulk", meaning "keep out of sight, typically with a sinister or cowardly motive".[2]


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