Rotten Flesh is an inefficient, emergency food item, added as part of the Adventure Update.


Eating rotten flesh restores two FoodbariconFoodbaricon of the hunger bar. However, it has an 80% chance of giving a Player Food Poisoning, causing their hunger meter to deplete three-times faster than normal, for thirty seconds. Experienced players may choose to eat rotten flesh in emergencies, because it is a quick way to recover health when no other food is available. When consuming this item, it is advisable for the player to drink Milk after consuming rotten flesh.

Rotten Flesh can also be given to tamed wolves to breed them and also be traded with cleric Villagers for an emerald as part of their tier trades.



  • Wolves that consume rotten flesh will not get food poisoning.
  • In earlier versions of Minecraft, zombies would drop Feathers instead of rotten flesh.
  • There is an achievement for stopping starvation without getting food poisoning from rotten flesh, "Iron Belly" on Bedrock Edition.
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