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Not to be confused with Nether Sprouts.
For other kinds of root blocks in Minecraft, see Hanging Roots, Rooted Dirt, and Mangrove Roots.

Roots are a non-solid "plant" block that come in two variants, crimson roots and warped roots, which generate naturally on warped or crimson nylium and soul soil in their respective biomes. They resemble a colony of tall, thin mushrooms.



Roots can be mined instantly using any tool. They drop themselves as items when broken. Flower pots containing roots drop both the flower pot and roots when broken.

Natural generation[]

Crimson roots generate in the crimson forest biome and rarely in the soul sand valley and warped forest biomes. Warped roots generate in warped forest biomes.

Mob loot[]

An enderman holding crimson or warped roots drops the block upon death.

Chest loot[]

Item Structure Container Quantity Chance
Java Edition
Crimson Roots Bastion remnant Hoglin stable chest 2–7 22.8%
Bedrock Edition
Crimson Roots Bastion remnant Hoglin stable chest 2–7 22.8%


Applying bone meal to nylium causes roots to appear on that nylium block, and on nearby nylium. The generated roots are the same type as the nylium that the bone meal is used on. Using bone meal on warped nylium can also generate crimson roots at a very low chance.[1]




All of the blocks that roots can be placed on.

Roots are decorative blocks. They can be planted on the same blocks that fungi can be placed on. Roots can be planted in a flower pot, which gives them a different texture.


Roots can also be used on a composter, with a 65% chance of increasing the level by 1.


Java Edition:

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Block brokenBlocksOnce the block has brokenblock.roots.breaksubtitles.block.generic.break1.00.816
Block placedBlocksWhen the block is placedblock.roots.placesubtitles.block.generic.place1.00.816
Block breakingBlocksUnused sound eventblock.roots.hitsubtitles.block.generic.hit0.250.516
None[sound 1]Entity-DependentFalling on the block with fall damageblock.roots.fallNone[sound 1]0.50.7516
FootstepsEntity-DependentWalking on the blockblock.roots.stepsubtitles.block.generic.footsteps0.151.016
  1. a b MC-177082

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
BlocksOnce the block has brokendig.roots1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhen the block is placeddig.roots1.00.8-1.0
BlocksWhile the block is in the process of being brokenhit.roots0.30.5
PlayersFalling on the block with fall damagefall.roots0.41.0
PlayersWalking on the blockstep.roots0.151.0
PlayersJumping from the blockjump.roots0.121.0
PlayersFalling on the block without fall damageland.roots0.141.0

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierFormBlock tagsTranslation key
Crimson Rootscrimson_rootsBlock & Itemenderman_holdableblock.minecraft.crimson_roots
Warped Rootswarped_rootsBlock & Itemenderman_holdableblock.minecraft.warped_roots

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID FormItem ID[i 1]Translation key
Crimson Rootscrimson_roots478Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.crimson_roots.crimsonRoots.name
Warped Rootswarped_roots479Block & Giveable Item[i 2]Identical[i 3]tile.warped_roots.warpedRoots.name
  1. ID of block's direct item form, which is used in savegame files and addons.
  2. a b Available with /give command.
  3. a b The block's direct item form has the same id as the block.


Java Edition
September 28, 2019Crimson Roots JE1 BE1 Crimson roots was shown as part of crimson forest biome.
1.1620w06aCrimson Roots JE1 BE1 Warped Roots JE1 BE1
Crimson Roots (item) JE1 Warped Roots (texture) JE1 BE1 Added crimson and warped roots.
The inventory texture of crimson roots is slightly different from their block texture.[2]
20w09aRoots can now be planted in flower pots.
20w10aCrimson Roots (texture) JE1 BE1 The inventory texture of crimson roots has been changed to match the block form.
20w15aRoots can now be composted.
20w16aCrimson roots now generate in bastion remnants chests.
1.16.2Pre-release 1Roots now require shears to drop themselves.
Pre-release 2Roots no longer require shears to drop themselves.
1.19.322w44aRoots now make sounds when being walked on.[3]
Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta Roots JE1 BE1 Warped Roots JE1 BE1
Crimson Roots (texture) JE1 BE1 Warped Roots (texture) JE1 BE1 Added crimson and warped roots.
beta roots now generate in bastion remnants chests.
Roots can now be composted.


Issues relating to "Crimson Roots" or "Warped Roots" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.



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